Welcome to My Writing Adventure!

I’m Katherine E. Soto. I was born in Southern California in the early 1960s. I graduated Hemet High School in 1981. I received a BA degree in Anthropology in 1985, from Cal State University- San Bernardino. I got married in 1985. I had a busy professional life as a special education teacher until 2013. I earned three teaching credentials. In 1998, I developed End Stage Renal Disease and was put on dialysis. I write about my experiences as a dialysis patient and about my life on my blog lifenotonthelist.com.  She retired from teaching in 2013.  She turned to writing when an idea came to her in the shower in 2019. 

In the real world away from writing I dote on a small granddaughter.  I am still in love with the same man I married those many years ago. At home I live with my husband, a Cardigan corgi mix dog, and an orange cat.

Check out the pages on this site. I have a blog that explores my writing adventures. I share my writing, writing ideas, thoughts, pieces of my life, and my upcoming books. There is a page for my current publications. I update this as needed. See my privacy page if you have questions about it.

In 2019 I began writing my first Fantasy novel. It is currently with a publisher undergoing creative editing. I have written the second book in the series and began writing the third book in 2020.

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