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Every day is a new chance to start Creating New Worlds.

Make a simple change in your life to Create a New World.

Write something: a journal piece about your life, a poem, a project you’ve been putting off.

Play with art: color a picture, paint, draw, or take an art class.

Cook something new or create a new recipe.

Turn music on and dance around the room.

Do something creative today.

Why be creative?  Creativity changes the way we think. It brings forth new ideas. It helps us to think better.  We transform ourselves into new creations when we create.

Let me introduce myself. I’m Katherine Soto, a Fantasy writer, and soon to be published author (late summer 2021). I know writers make it look easy to be creative every day. We write. It’s in our heads. We have a muse who will often grab us by the collar and demand we write.

I’m here to change the idea that only writers and artists are allowed to be creative. Throw that idea out of your head.

You are creative, too.

I share simple creative ideas on my blog to help anyone with Creating New Worlds.

I also share my publishing news and updates about my writing and art so we can celebrate together as I create new worlds.

Here are a few of my blog posts

My Book

In 2019, I began writing my first Fantasy novel. I have written the second through 4th books in the series. The 5th book is in the rough draft stage as of the beginning of 2021. My first book is due out in late summer of 2021 with Rhetoric Askew Publishers out of Oklahoma.

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island tells the adventures of an archaeologist on an expedition to Katz Island on her home planet of Dharaven. Will she find the discovery of the century or will she lose everything?
Get ready to read the adventures of Archaeologist Grey Dawn Fields.


Check out the anthology I am in. Abducted: An Alien Romance Collection

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Love built on betrayal.

Lust that can’t be denied.

Temptation of the forbidden.

Prepare for out of this world stories as you delve into these 8 unforgettable sci-fi alien romances. This isn’t a rescue mission. This is ABDUCTED.

Abducted includes stories based on forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, and happily ever afters – there is something for everyone! Available for a limited time so grab your copy and discover 8 new book boyfriends today!

Authors in this anthology include Elvira Bathory, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Katherine E. Soto, Mandy Melanson, Jordan Elizabeth, Victoria Escobar, Nikki Landis, and Helena Novak

My Bio: Katherine E. Soto

Katherine E. Soto

I was born in Southern California in the early 1960s. I graduated from high school in the 1980s and college in 1985 with a BA In Anthropology.

I’m married to the same man I married many years ago. We raised two beautiful girls. We have a granddaughter that we spoil.

I worked as a special education teacher for over twenty years. I earned three teaching credentials. My hard work was awarded several times. I earned 10 Year and 15 Year Employee Recognition Awards. I also earned a Competent Toastmaster Award. I retired in 2014, and, a few years later decided to focus on my love for writing.  

I enjoy composing short stories, flash fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, and nonfiction. My writing muse is a dragon who rampages in my mind until I sit down and start creating.

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