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Biography for Katherine E. Soto

I was born in Southern California in the early 1960s. I graduated from high school in the 1980s and college in 1985 with an Anthropology Degree.

I worked as a special education teacher for over twenty years. My hard work was awarded several times. I earned a 10 Year and 15 Year Employee Recognition Awards. I also received a Competent Toastmaster Award. I retired in 2013, and, a few years later decided to focus on my love for writing.  

I’m married to the same man I married many years ago. We raised two beautiful girls. We have a granddaughter that we spoil.

I enjoy composing short stories, flash fiction, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy novels, and nonfiction. My writing muse is a dragon who rampages in my mind until I sit down and start creating.

In 2019 I began writing my first Fantasy novel. It is currently with a publisher undergoing creative editing. I have written the second book in the series and began writing the third and fourth books in 2020.

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I have a blog that explores my writing adventures. I share my writing, writing ideas, thoughts, pieces of my life, and my upcoming books. https://katherineesoto-author.com/vaxx

There is a page for my publications. https://katherineesoto-author.com/4g73

See my privacy page. https://katherineesoto-author.com/index.php/privacy-policy-2/

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