My Priority List

Now why would I share my priority list as a new writer? I said I would share my journey in this writer’s world and making certain things priorities is important. Some I will do every day and others every other day.

I put it into categories of a writer’s life: learning and studying, writing, reading, and community. This is an ever changing list so it will be updated often.

Learning and Studying

I am learning how to improve my skills as a writer and author.

I am also taking online blogging and writing courses.

              Blogging Bootcamp

             Online Genius Academy

              Udemy Creative Writing Tips

              Udemy Editing Class


Deep Work

The Elements of Style and its Workbook

Research archaeology.

Read book on a real archaeology expedition.

Read Alfred Hitchcock stories for your story.

Read Like a Writer


My two blogs require something to be written on them every day or every other day.

Facebook sites also need to be written on.

I am currently 10,000 words into a novel I am writing.

Murderous Gloves written in Alfred Hitchcock style.

I also have two more book ideas sitting waiting for me to get to them

Poetry typed and rewritten.

Contest entries through Submittable and other places.


word nerd

 writers helping writers.

I am an administrator on a forum and Facebook website. Forum must be checked daily.

Emails checked for all 3 sites daily.

Facebook pages need to be checked daily, plus posts written.

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