A short update on my writing

I am up to 67,000 words or 209 pages or so into what I have a temporary working title of Grey’s Story. I will give a few descriptive words about it at the end of this post. This is the first piece I have ever taken into a book length process. I have a few more chapters to go with a deadline of May 1 to be finished with the first draft. Then it will be sent to my alpha reader to see if it is actually readable, is a good idea, and just could use editing and polishing.

Then it is off to read all about editing a piece of fiction. I have an Udemy course to take on editing. I think I may go to one of the universities in the area to do some library research. I also want to either find a writer’s group or start one so I can have chapters critiqued as I edit.

I wrote a poem the other day. I also have put short story up on
bookborro for a read test starting tomorrow. The title is Vampire Child. It should pop in the browse area on their site. Just testing some of my writing with other writers.

Notes to myself about main project: (You will see my mind at work here.)

Camp scenes may need to be either shortened or edited out completely.

A world view narrator may need to be used to give all of the characters a voice in the story. So far it is written from the main characters POV.

You could take the story and break it into pieces with each character telling their own story and part of the main story. Major rework here. Not sure quite how to do this, but it is an idea.

I noticed when writing dialogue I type a lot of So, and Okays, then notice it and erase them. I also use a lot of ands and thens in sentences. I am also trying not to use helping verbs instead use actual action words as I write.

Research basic archaeology digs, maybe interview an archaeologist or professor at one of the Universities. Maybe have one be a beta reader for me when I need them.

And, so, then, 🙂 That is my update on March 28, 2019.

Oh yes, the descriptive words: archaeology, camp, Expedition

Use your imaginations! I see Adventure ahead!

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