The Writing Continues…

The story I am writing is in its 2nd revision. I have it out to four beta readers. My alpha readers are reading it, too. The story is progressing with each revision. I find new things to look at every time I read it over.

This time when I read it through I noticed almost every chapter ends with my character going to sleep at the end of a long day. I may need to change some of those so the chapters ends somewhere else and the next one picks up later. I also find a lot of words that I write out, such as I am, cannot, when they should be contractions like I’m and can’t. I am finding those all over the story as I reread it for errors. These idiosyncrasies will slowly begin to be weeded out as I am writing more and revise more.

I also need to discover a new title for my story. I could name it after the planet it takes place on, but it is my main character’s story and the world is sort of just a place for it to take place. I am going to research how to come up with a title for a story or book this week.

I have been taking writing and blogging classes online like crazy. You know the free ones where they teach you part of what they know, then want to charge you for the rest of what they know. A couple of them were really good. I am also on a truckload of mailing lists. I also have a lot of PDFs I received for free over the internet on writing, blogs, and business. I am reading these then deciding which ones I want to keep.

There is a certain genius to the way these people work to make money. First they give you something for free: a class, a PDF, a bootcamp for a few days. Then they tell you all about their class that costs money. They wet your whistle for more information then put the hand into the wallet. I can’t figure out how it all gets done legally without the money entanglements. taxes and contracts being done back and forth. No one wants to let that information out without it being paid for.

I see adventure ahead!

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