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I recently was introduced via the internet to a woman who encourages women to “Do it scared.”  In fact, her new book has that same title “Do It Scared.”

Ruth Soukup is a firm believer in taking on big goals in life even if they are scary goals, finding ways to bring them to fruition and discovering ways be successful. She tells her own story from being unhappy with her life, to running a successful business today and leading that happy life now.

Besides her own story, Ruth shares stories of other people and how they worked to overcome their fear in order be successful and happier.  She studied how fear affects women.  In her study she discovered 7 archetypes of fear.  She also developed a “Discover Your Fear Archetype” quiz.  When taken this quiz will give the name of the fear that has the most control in your life.

I took the quiz thinking, like with most quizzes taken on line, this might be interesting.  When I read my results, I immediately wanted to read her book for more information.  I was lucky, I was a part of her book launch team, so I was one of the first people to read her book when it was not even in print yet!  What did those results tell me about my fear archetype?  It told me things I knew about myself and ways I react to certain situations.  It gave me a name for my biggest fear.  The results to the quiz were like a snapshot of my reactions in situations in my life.

(There are two types of results to this quiz- the quick result with the biggest archetype named, and the premium result that gives much more information and names the seven fears in order according to your answers.  The premium result you will have to pay extra for.)

After her book “Do It Scared” gives a name to your biggest fears, it gives examples of each fear, describes how it shows up in your life, then gives advice for helping overcome it. There is a chapter for each of the seven archetypes of fear.

Part Two of the book goes over the Principles of Courage.  These principles help to shift the mindset from one based in fear to one of developing courage to set and go after goals; to begin to change your life. 

Part Three of the Book “Do It Scared” asks you to Take Action.  To begin to apply the principles of courage you read about to your own life.  It takes hard work to change a mindset that has been dealing in fear for years.   She asks you to create a plan, and to make goals for your life, because “Action is the Antidote to Fear.” 

There is even a bonus work book offered to early bird orders of her new book “Do It Scared.”  It works through the chapters in the book turning the ideas into useful notes for you to use in your own life.

“Do It Scared” is easy to read.  It has real life examples throughout the chapters.  Ruth Soukup shows how she applies and uses the ideas in her life and business.  She does not just label the fear and leave you hanging, she gives valuable advice in how to replace fear with courage and action.

I recommend the Ruth Soukup’s book “Do It Scared” for any woman who feels stuck in their life, needs to find encouragement in her life again, or needs just a pick me up.  Go ahead buy the book.

“Do It Scared”



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  1. Awesome review!! I’m considering buying the premium results. Overall did you mind them essential or/and helpful for the journey. I am debating if I would truly like to invest in the premium results.

    1. I was lucky and was elaunch party crew and received the premium results for free. The launch party is long over. I think the premium results showed a lot more information about me.

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