What Have I Been Doing?

I disappeared off the face of the Earth here for a few weeks. I had one of those not feeling so good episodes with low blood pressure and ended up in the hospital for six days. I have been recovering from that episode for the last few weeks.

However, I have not been lazy. I am currently writing chapter 16 of Grey Dawn of Dharaven-Book 2. This one take the intrepid archaeologist onto the continent of Aven. Lots of things for her to investigate with her larger team. And of course there are some dragons in this book, too.

I have also been using Submittable and its newsletter to submit some poetry and short fiction for contests. So far a few no’s have been flung my way but poetry is a very volatile section of writing to enter contests. Everyone is looking for something different. Just have to find that right fit. Never give up! I see adventure ahead!

The Eyes of the Dragon

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