edX Course ColWri2.2 Academic and Business Writing Notes, Journals and Thoughts: Lesson 1

Writing is my dream and goal.

 Journal One

I run and shout and scream on my computer keys while I try to communicate what I want to say, most days.  I am usually trying to get something out of head onto a sheet of paper so I can share it with someone else.  This can be in the form of free form poetry, a blog article, a chapter in the novel I am writing, or even a research project.  I write something every day, even if it is just notes on something I need to know, or an entire chapter in my novel.

     I love to write.  I found out poetry could be an expression of my feelings in high school. I have continued to use it.  I have plans to put a collection of my poems together and send it to poetry contests.  I have written a sci fi/fantasy novel that is currently with a publisher to undergo the fine craft of a creative edit. This where I take advice about the book I wrote and make editing change to it to make it publishable.  I also have two blogs I write on every week. (I try to write on them every week.)   One is about my life as a dialysis patient.  The other is my author blog.   

Writing takes learning about it, too.  I want to be good in all area of writing, however the creative writing is where I spend most of my time these days.  Writing is work.  Don’t let anyone tell you it is not. I must study the craft of writing in each book I pick up to read.  Sometimes I have to turn off the writer in me to just enjoy the story in a book.  As I read I will think about how the dialogue is written, or what does that word mean, or if I rewrote this story how would it be different.  I have been reading books on how to write, plus I have a stack of book on what to write with prompts.  I am doing the work of a master’s student in an MFA course without being in college.  It is a challenging.  I have the need to be good at what I do

Pop up question What company/business is having the greatest impact in the world today, either positive or negative? Explain your response.

McDonalds is the company that has had the greatest impact in the world today.  It is a worldwide company that dominates the economy of the fast food world. McDonalds had it roots in San Bernardino at a small restaurant on E St.  They were doing a brisk business on the weekends.  They invented a way to make their hamburgers, French fries and drinks all the same.  This process was bought from the brothers who started it and they put that process into practice into world-wide franchises.  McDonalds counts how many burgers it has served.  They are into the billions today.

McDonalds invented supersize orders and soon had the American population supersized, too.  Where McDonalds goes in food trends, the entire fast food industry trends.  They effect the world in toy trends.  Think of the Dalmatian Christmas ornaments or the Beanie Baby craze where trucks of the things were stolen and people were enraged when the store ran out of the toys. 

McDonalds employs large work force, often giving first time employment to teenagers who need a job.  The rules and work ethics they learn at McDonalds is carried into the work force at large.  There is even a Burger University for managers and franchisers to attend.  If everything is done the same way in all areas, the business has a routine for all employees to follow throughout the day.  It forces employees to learn the routine quickly and follow it or get caught in the maelstrom that follows in an unorganized store.  It has been a great learning environment for many successful people.

I see adventure ahead!

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