Lesson 3 Business and Academic Writing

Notes on: What I Really Want Is Someone Rolling Around in the Text

Vocabulary   trawling, scribal monk, scriptorium, marginalia, cadence, antsy, inexorable, logorrheic, epiphany, hypercharged, utopia


It all starts with a book “How to read a book.

One thing he took away from it: You don’t truly own a book until it is written in.

Def of Marginalia- underlining memorable lines, writing keywords, jotting age numbers on covers.

The author likes the process 

Example of his own work: Great Expectations with page numbers and examples.

It is collaborating with a book, to mingle with an author on a personal textual plane.

The author says marginalia turned in a full on dependency to him.  It was an addiction.

Texts that grabbed got full one essays written in the blank spaces.

He does marginalia with books daily.

Digital books do not allow marginalia to happen now.

But it might be happening now.

He gives some history of marginalia


Books were marked up as gifts for friends or lovers.

Coleridge was well known as marginalia champion.

He named it.

He says serious reading will be impossible in the digital age.

Books are curios objects their strength is to be both intensely private and intensely social- marginalia bridges both states.

An example of loaning a book out. He took it back and the reader was lonely without all his notes.

A Grand vision on the future 

              Plastic strips of notes shared

              James Bridle Book Two- Open Bookmarks hash out rules of capturing electronic metadata

              Amazon public note sharing for the Kindle

Touch a button and famous people notes are shared. Touch another and its off.

Mentions several author’s names and books

Subscribe to your favorite marginalia authors.

Endless virtual book club

Some people hate marginalia, they say too many distractions.

People online are excited about it as a medium, a practice, a form.

Twitter can be an example of marginalia on everything under the son.

The culture is moving towards it.

It is real time commentary happening in the core of the thing being commented on.

Marginalia seems possible all the time.

Read the article, practicing annotation and note-taking while you read. After you have thoroughly read and understood the article, go to the discussion area below and discuss the following questions:

  1. What was the main idea of the article?
  2. What was your opinion of the article?
  3. Was there any part of the article you didn’t understand? 
  4. Was there any part of the article you disagreed with?
  5. Did you take notes on the article? How did your note-taking confirm (or not confirm) the main idea of the reading?

Main Idea:  Is it possible for marginalia to make a comeback into the modern world of technology?

MY opinion: The write goes a long way to make his points.  He has examples that fit his paragraphs.  New aithors readers may not know are intertwined with his ideas.  He gives ideas for creating new way of marginalia in the wave of technology and e readers people are using now.  It is a humorous article and gets its point across.  It introduces a new word to readers, define it, and discusses if.  I never thought about it at all. Personally, I find writing in books to be a little sacrilegious.  Paper books are expensive.  However, I do think it would be interesting to see what another person thought about a book.

3. The block quote threw me for a loop, until I realized it was another part of the magazine or newspaper.  It could be an example of how to deal with marginalia, by ignoring it.  It might make a comeback.

4. Marginalia is just hard for me to do because books are expensive, and I love the feel of a new book.  As time goes by, I am finding it to be more useful.

5.  My main idea may be different, but the way the article was written I felt he was telling the reader that while marginalia has been around for a while it was time for its comeback through technology.

Being Specific

need to be specific, give concrete examples, and find evidence for any claims you make or ideas you want to put forward. 

building “a case” — presenting a series of logical arguments so that your audience will come to understand your thinking.

  • The movie [fill in the title of a movie you’ve seen] is really good.
  • I have a lot of experience [fill in a job skill].
  • There are many ways to organize a good essay.
  • My friend is a good driver.
  • Vincent Van Gogh is an interesting artist.

The movie Independence Day is a science fiction, adventure movie that leaves the moviegoer out of breath.

I have been a special education classroom teacher for over 20 years.

Organizing an essay should follow a genre specific format.

I feel safe in the car with my friend driving because she took driver’s education, as well as several Triple A driving courses.

Vincent Van Gogh painted several paintings that are enjoyed by art connoisseurs all over the world.

Journal Entry Three

Movie Title: Independence Day

City size alien ships creep slowly into place over cities on Earth.  An alien message is detected. Humanity begins to realize its very existence is threatened. 

Independence Day is an adventurous, science fiction movie set in the near future; pitting humans against aliens in a struggle for the fate of the earth.

Characters are thrust into new roles throughout the movie. Relationships are used to demonstrate how being under stress can change lives. There are dramatic scenes in this movie that are remarkable.  References to popular science myths about aliens are interweaved into the film, leaving the audience wanting to know if this crazy, twisted movie is based on reality or if it is still fiction.  This movie is not always about the aliens being in the way, there are funny bits that relieve the tension. The special effects are stunning.  Despite aliens, action, explosions, and special effects, there is a plot and the individual story lines move along at a brisk pace in the movie Independence Day, making it very memorable.

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