Choices and Priority

You can’t do it all.

Make your choices for the best each day and own each one. You can’t hide in a closet, even if you wanted to. If you have kids they will find you. Take a deep breath, take a few deep breaths, find a picture that takes you away, take a few minutes for you. Then make a choice and go got ’em Tiger.

See the waves move and breath deeply.

The word priorities did not exist until we made it a word out of priority.

It used to be one priority was worked on at a time not a whole bunch of things at once all calling for your attention. A lot of research and books are being written about silencing the social media during your work time and giving even the email a lock for the time you are working on our main project.

So what is your first priority for your work project tomorrow?
What is your second priority tomorrow for work or projects?

If you prioritize your precious hours at work for your projects and only do social media af few times a day, you may have more work time.

Try it. Can’t hurt anything.

Keep your priority straight!

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