Favorite Fridays

A few things I found I liked in Las Vegas. (I know what happens in Las Vagas stays in Las VEgas, but few things were so much fun!)

Picture by Lena Mulligan

Favorite food this week: Lambchops at VooDoo Steak

Address: Rio Hotel, 3700 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV  89103  

My friend said their Banana bomb is the best dessert she ever ate.  She almost licked the plate clean.

Fun- The Chippendales Show and Penn and Teller at the Rio Hotel

The Chippendales dancers are amazing and give a good show.

Penn and Teller have an amazing show with lots of audience participation and up-close magic.  They even make an elephant disappear. 

Fremont Street

Art- Go see the art made on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.  Some of the stores can be considered art galleries.  The art on the street is amazing.  A corn stalk artist will build a heart for you or a cross or roses for a price.  There painters who work in sprays paint and spinners. They will create art pieces in front of you that can be bought.  Look in the Vegas tourist books for the art galleries in the hotels and shopping areas.

Writing: This week I considered my personal mission statements.  I have 3.

  1. I am a writer currently working on becoming a novel author of 2 sci fi fantasy novels.
  2. I am a dialysis advocate working with long term dialysis patients through my blog and communities of dialysis patients.
  3. I am an artist. I am working on one project a week.

Reading:  Clive Cussler’s  Shadow Tyrants  Once again the world is saved from a group of underground rich men by the Oregon Team.  Good to see additions of strong woman characters in his books.  They do not do much in this book but are there when needed.

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  1. May I ask exactly what it is you do in “working with long term dialysis patients”?

    Also what is different about a voodoo steak?

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