The Tear Collector by Shawn Burgess (soon to be Released December 2, 2019)

(This excerpt is not from his book.)

“This is Mindy Hallbrook, of RDIF TV, local news channel 24.  The search for local girl, Margo Combs, continues at the local level with Detective Holt of the Harper Pass Police Department.  I am standing in front of The Cracked Egg, one of the places Margo might have visited.

Today, I met with Detective Holt.

“Sherriff, how is the search for Margo  going? Any leads?”

“I’ve interviewed several people who say they saw her prior to her disappearance, but no one knows anything about where she ended up.  She seems to have disappeared form the face of the Earth.  All the evidence I have points in the direction of Grief Hollow where she was seen walking along the road.

“I appreciate your time.  That was Detective Holt.  He’s still looking for the little girl who has been reporting missing.  If you have any information on the whereabouts of this girl, please call the Local Harper Pass Police Department. 

I’m Mindy Hallbrook, RDIF TV local news channel 24.” The missing child’s poster came up on the TV screen as the reporter finished.

Last seen in Grief Hollow
Contact Detective Holt (918) 555-0155 if you have any information that may lead to solving this disappearance

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  1. I saw the post at the Askew release party. Never been to the Cracked Egg but I gather it must be in the neighborhood of Grief Hollow.

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