Friday Favorites November 30, 2019

Books: I am currently reading A Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo She tells the story of the man who led Druids to America before Christopher Columbus.

Writing Book: Writing Fiction Step by Step by Josip Novakovich The writer has small chapters with practice prompts for helping you to learn how to write fiction. It will take time to read this book and do the exercises.

Food: Tesco’s Finest Swiss Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almonds. This is mostly sold in European countries. I have an in with an Irish friend who sends me dark chocolate. Amazon might have it. It is good solid dark chocolate bar. The orange is tasty and not obnoxious at all

Food in my area: Taco Joe’s on Riverside Ave and the Ten Freeway. Get the burrito bowl with either chicken or beef. It is tasty and filling.

Art: Willowing Arts Take a look at this art site. Many interesting courses, plus Life book2020. A fairly inexpensive class that will take place throughout the year with art projects and chats with artists.

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