Corona Virus Covid-19: Stay Away!

I am staying home these days except for lunch and dialysis Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Masks are a necessity at the dialysis center. The virus is creating problems all over town. Schools are closed. Shopping areas are deserted, except for long lines at grocery stores of people stocking up. Disneyland closed as of Friday to the end of March or longer. Are we in the Apocalypse?

My plans: Go to dialysis three days a week, write my third book, (I am on page 123 as of today), play with our cat and dog, sleep regularly, and draw and paint. I have enough to keep me busy.

Be smart. Wash your hands regularly. Use sanitizing wipes. Mask if you are ill. See you doctor asap. Pray if you pray. Keep calm.

My husband and I are in the populations that can be affected severely so we watch what and where we go. I can order groceries here if needed. I do most of my shopping on Amazon anyway. I wish the world, my loved ones, my friends, and authors the things you need and want while we walk through this difficult time in our world.

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