9 Internet Places to Keep You Busy

I found a few things online to keep you busy while you stay at home.

https://storyoriginapp.com/to/MRoOd31 Free Books from Rhet Askew I have a piece in the bundle.

https://bit.ly/2wP5doG Virtual tour of the Paris Catacombs

One of the caverns within the Catacombes in Paris

https://bit.ly/2X3T1vl A tour of the Ancient Site of Petra

https://bit.ly/39uiiB6 Twenty gadgets

iPad near sunglasses, wallet, and DSLR camera

https://www.willowing.org/ An art site

https://bit.ly/2RaBM7R Websites to go to when bored

brown and white English bulldog lying on grey pavement

https://bit.ly/3bDL2Jp More websites for when you are bored

medium-coated black and brown dog lying on top of black mat

https://bit.ly/2ygl28l Alison Courses

red apple fruit on four pyle books

https://bit.ly/39r22B8 EdX Courses online

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug
Courses in writing from Reedsy.
fountain pen on black lined paper

I have no interest in any of these. I am an affiliate for Willowing.org, so use my link on my page. Some pictures I chose from free photo sites for the link.

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