It’s a Take Over this Week with Ben Rose

I’ve been taken over this week on my blog. Welcome Ben Rose, another author with a different look at Living with the the Corona Virus.

In the rooms of recovery, one of the first messages laid upon a newcomer is that isolation is not a healthy option. Addicts have a natural tendency to isolate. Perhaps not at first, the barroom and parties being enjoyable social atmospheres, but given time. Once people begin to notice our inability to drink like others, and our propensity for causing trouble, they attempt to limit our drinking or drug use. What addict wants that? Instead we isolate and feel justified in doing so.

People who suffer from clinical depression also have a tendency to isolate. There is a comfort in being alone with our pathologies. Psychology suggests that this is the wrong approach in dealing with depression. It is considered better to socialize and force the depressive reverie into the light.

In our current national and international situation, as pertains to Covid19, the traditional wisdom is reversed. Isolation is called for and even demanded. This presents a problem for the two aforementioned groups. To coin a phrase, there is a solution.

Zoom is a handy app that allows one to attend recovery meetings in a teleconferenced setting. One can also meet with one’s doctors, teachers, clergy, etc. This being so, one could also meet with friends, family, and other colleagues. I have heard recently about Passover seders, birthday parties, and even weddings conducted using zoom. In the same category as Zoom is Skype and other such apps. It is a matter of looking online and determining what works best for the individual. Isolation can be virtually broken. True, we lack the physical contact and presence of others. It is easy to imagine conducting all our affairs remotely going forward. That isn’t a good idea once this health crisis abates, but for now it is better than nothing.

Another way to help combat the urge to isolate and engage in unhealthy behaviors is to stay creative. I write and edit daily. Chapter one of a free serial novel I create can be found here. I am also in the process of final edits on an upcoming novel, Everybody But Us, being published by RhetAskew Publishing. Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time. Cooking can be enjoyable, and what better time to prepare dishes which we normally don’t have time to prepare. Exercise is actually encouraged at a distance of six feet apart. Bicycling, walking in the neighborhood, doing aerobics in the yard, this will keep the mind vital and healthy in this time of social distancing. In short, there is no excuse to let our minds return to the vacuum of total isolation. There are healthy ways to engage and we must seek these out. Do keep a physical distance from others, and wash your hands often. This won’t last forever. If you need someone to talk to, hit me up at the newsletter mentioned above.
Stay healthy,
Ben Rose

Ben Rose- Author

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