Building an Author Platform: Part 1 of 4

I have been building an Author Platform over the past two years. Why? The world of publishing wants the new author to be known so when books are published they will be reviewed by other authors, ARCs can be read, and above everything else, books will sell. This is Part One of my four part series about Author Platform Building.

Building an Author Platform Part 1

I began my Author Platform with this blog you are reading. I bought my domain name through , found free website hosting, joined WordPress (I was lucky enough to have someone put my website up for me on and host it for free.) I learned about Word Press features and began to build the pages and blog seen today. It takes time to learn how to use Word Press features. I spent many hours discovering what worked and what did not. I wrote a few blog posts to introduce myself to the internet.

What do I write about on a blog? I use my blog to write about my Adventures in Writing. I update my readers on my books and publications. I have a featured author every month. I will post book reviews on books I have read. I put up notes about books I have read. I put up notices of free books and promotions other authors and groups are doing. I also write informational articles like these four on Platform Building.

Social Media Sites

After my blog was established, I went on to put up my author Facebook page up. This is where I post about my blog articles, author interviews, promotions and newsletter. I also use Facebook to belong to several author/writing groups. Having a community to ask questions in , as a newbie author, helps your writing. I also paste landing pages on Facebook to build my newsletter subscribers.


Twitter is an excellent way to get fast news out to a lot of people. You can follow people and they can follow you. There is a limit to how much you can post in each twitter post. Hashtags should be used in each post. I currently post other author book promos, my newsletter, and writing updates on Twitter.


Instagram is a site much like Twitter, only it is done with pictures and videos. Many people begin their platforms on Instagram. They use videos and promos through pictures to build their audience. I’m not a good Instagram user. I have a page with my author name. I have posted a few pictures, but I need to use it more and figure out how to use it better.


Pinterest is a treasure trove of pictures and quotes you can pin to your own boards. Posts from a blog can be put into a pinterest picture and be posted to a board. I have a writing quotes boards, a writing tips board, authors board, and my own board for my blog and books. It is easy to waste time on pinterest looking through everything on the site.

A Book Collage made in Canva

This is a basic beginning of an Author platform. It takes time to build each item. It also needs careful nurturing. The blog needs to be update at least once a week. Daily posts should appear on each Social Media site. I admit, as of this time, I am not keeping up with my sites of it as often as I should. I have to balance my writing and learning with my Platform Building, Life can get in the way, too.

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