Author Platform Building Part 2 in a series of 4

The Writer Stuff

Welcome to Part 2- The Writer Stuff of the four part series on Building an Author Platform. This piece will be on some of the Writer sites an author might use.

Build your Author Platform Part 2

Emails Set up two email addresses through whatever email server you want. The first is your personal account. This your account to do what you want. The second email is your author account. This is your professional email account. This is where you email authors, publishers, queries, and any writer email you do.

Mail Chimp/Constant Contact or any list builder, email maker, landing page company that you want to use. This where your main list of people who have subscribed to your newsletter or website will be kept.

I use MailChimp. It’s free for your first 500 subscribers, then you go pro for a fee per month. I use Mailchimp to write my newsletter; post a landing page to get new subscribers; and above all grow my email list of subscribers. These are the people who know about me and receive my once a month newsletter. Mailchimp is easy to use after a steep learning curve. It has tutorials throughout.

Goodreads This a place for book reviews and for your own books to be posted. I believe it is partnered with Amazon. You can put up a profile about yourself along with a picture. You can also write reviews about books you have read. When your book is published it will have a turn to be listed here.

BookBub This the booksite that will list your book on a regular basis when you get over a certain amount of followers. It is free for your profile and to put review of books you have read. It costs for your book to be listed. Join BookBub giveaways online to increase your followers.

Storyoriginapp This place is the most helpful place I have found for list building, doing reviews, contacting other author and writers, doing newsletter swaps, and keeping up with it all. It’s free and the creator says it will stay free. He has great tutoring on it so you can figure it out.

Designerr This is a mini book creator for book magnets and book excerpts. It is easy to use and will help with ideas.

Calibre This is a book making app also. It will take word documents and put them into mobi, epub and PDF formats for you in seconds. You need the three formats on storyoriginapp to post a book magnet to use in the swaps and promos.

fiverr This is an online website where you can find other people to do work for you for a price. I have had worksheets and four logos made for me by fiverr folk. Be careful and always contact them first then agree to the job you want.

Free Photo Sites These have photos that you can use on your sites without having to pay for them. For a one time fee I bought access to Use photos wisely on your sites. The three photos below are pics I have used from these sites.

There are places you can get videos to use. You can make your own videos to post too. is a good place to start for information on videos.

There are many more sites an author can use, so keep your eyes open and be aware as you build your platform. What works for me, may not work for you. Keep your eyes open and be aware.

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