Building an Author Platform Series Part 3 of 4

Working with Other Authors

An author must work with other authors to be successful. You are not alone in your struggles to write something you want be published.

Build your Author Platform

ARCs– Advanced Reader Copy These are actual advance copies of an author’s book that authors want people to read for reviews so they have reviews posted on book sites. This is one way authors gain prestige and get to number one bestseller status when their book first comes out. If you read an author’s ARC they will return the favor and read yours and give you a review. Keep track of people you do ARCS and review for.

Newsletter Swaps There are newsletter swaps and promos on storyoriginapp. Use it. There are Facebook pages full of Newsletter Swaps for authors. What is a newsletter swap? It is not swapping newsletters with one another. It is placing their promotion of their book with a link in your newsletter; in return they place your book or promo into their newsletter. Keep to your book’s genre in newsletters.

Interviews Plan to interview some authors as you get to know them. If you make your questions interesting you will have interesting interviews to share. I have a Featured Author of the Month that goes out of my blog on the 2nd of the month. I include a pic of their book and them, a brief biography, a blurb about their book, and my book review.

Book Magnets These can be previews of your book, a short story you wrote, or a picture book you developed to use with your books. Calibre and Designerr will help you make book magnets to use. Share these with other authors. Let them get to know you. Ask for your book magnet to go onto their websites and newsletters. You can use your book magnet as a freebie to draw more subscribers and readers to your newsletter or website and blog.

Freebies Design several freebies to give away. Calendars, Writing Tips, pamphlets, business things, a book magnet, a promotional event. or a class. Be creative. A freebie for you.

Writing Communities Find a good writing group where you fit in, Start one of your own if you can’t find one. You can have a writer’s group you meet with weekly or monthly in your town. You can also have access to writer’s groups online. You can type in writer’s groups on Facebook and look for one you like. There are some communities that charge to belong, but they have many more resources available. It’s up to you to be proactive and involved in a Writer’s group. Think about what you want to get out of it.

How do I learn about all of these things in an Author’s Platform? That is part 4 of this series.

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