Learning about How to Build an Author Platform Part 4 in a series of 4

Learn everything you can as you approach becoming an author and having a platform of your own.

Take Classes on everything. Blog building, writing, business class, publishing, The internet has access to information on everything and someone has a class on what you need to know. I have taken classes from http://www.RuthSoukup.com. She has classes on saving money, writing a blog, budgeting, and organizing your life. I participated in the launch of her book Do It Scared. I have also taken writing classes from Cathy Mazak, who is an Academic Women’s Writing Coach at the college level. She has good idea about managing your writing time. https://www.cathymazak.com/ She has free masterclasses available. I have taken classes in business areas, publishing classes, and writing classes.

Improve Your Writing Skills Read, write, and communicate. These are the basics in any MFA- Master of Fine Arts program you will find.

Read Read from the masters’ to contemporary. I often use teacher notes, lesson plans, or Cliff Notes to use as a literature study in books I read. I read books of all genres. I do concentrate on what I write in- Fantasy. They are my favorite books to read anyway. Read to learn about writing. I suggest reading the book DYI/MFA by Gabriela Pereira. She has a huge website devoted to writing and learning how to write. I read it and took notes throughout. I learned a lot about writing a book from her.

Write Write every day. Write on anything and everything. Sit in your chair and write. A book does not write itself . It takes effort, it takes planning, and it takes you putting int he time. Write in other genres. Write sort stories, flash fiction, piece of your ideas for books. Write reviews of books. Write, write write.

Communicate Talk with other people about writing. Join a class, a writer’s group, or find a group online. Share your writing if you want to. Talk about your ideas. Ask questions. Answer questions. A writer cannot be solitary up on their loft all alone working on their book.

Be part of three communities- business, writing and publishing. Learn as much as you can about and from these three things as you write your books and ready your author platform. The business part will help you when it comes time to sell your book. You should know about Click funnels, Kindle and Amazon selling of books. Publishers often have events like PITMAD where they ask for a brief twitter about your book. Publishers who are interested will let you know. This happens twice a year. The writing part you have already seen in the above paragraph. Learn all you can from the people who know more than you do.

Ask for help when you need it. Don’t just sit there, not knowing what to do because you have a question or writer’s block. Go to your communities and ask questions. Go to your author friends. Read a book for answers. Write about it.

Keep your information together. Use a notebook or computer There are so many place you have to be aware of in building an Author Platform. It can get confusing. Keep your websites and passwords in one place on your computer or in a notebook. Be able to access your sites in an instant. Have one email address for your personal life and one for your author life. Keep lists of things you want to remember. I have a website where I put my links to every site that I have a profile or are part of my Author Platform on https://linktr.ee/ It keeps all my links together in one place. https://linktr.ee/KatherineESotoAuthor My linktree

I also have folders on my computer with my interviews, promos, pics and writings. I try to keep everything organized so I can put my hands on it in an instant. My books are separate from my other writing. My publisher things are in a folder.

Build your Author Platform one part at a time. It doe snot have to happen overnight. Use a part of your day to do business things.

Write your books. Enjoy the process.

Stay Calm. Follow your agent’s or publishers advice for your Author Platform when you are under contract.

Having an Author Platform before you publish a book will help you become known as a writer. Above all else it will help you be ready to sell your book. The Author Platform is set up for you to be able to sell your books.

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