Update on my Writing Projects

Current Projects

Book one line edits have been turned in. I received my line edits from my editor. I corrected what she asked for, plus went through the entire book and made my own corrections and line edits. It takes time for t hings to be accomplished.

Book two manuscript and outline have been submitted. I submitted a query to my publisher for book 2. The asked for the manuscript and outline. It was sent in.

Books 3 and 4 are written and I am editing them. These two are my works in progress. Book 3 underwent an edit by me. Book four may get the ending rewritten. it got a little sappy.

Mystery book is on page 33. I have a Work in progress that is turning into a mystery. It takes place in future when walls have been established around NYC financial district. My character finds himself stuck behind the walls due to his employer. He wants to find a way out.

I have my poetry being typed up and put onto a thumb drive so I can work with it. I found a PA to help with the typing of the poetry, including the handwritten ones. I counted 250 poems not including the ones I have types on my computer. My plan is to put some of these poems into a poetry collection.

My shop has ebooks I have created in it. I continue to create these. Please see the shop and the ebooks I created. They are for sale at reasonable prices.

I am working on creative posters to sell or use as freebies. I continue to create new things when I use Canva and Designerr online. I have not gone pro on Canva yet. I don’t know if spending the extra money is worth the effort.

I write on two different blogs once a week. I continue to blog once a week to this blog and also to my blog http://lifenotonthelist.com– my life as a permanent dialysis patient. This week’s topic is about bringing positivity into your life.

I am posting to my platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook daily. Use the links above.


Creating New Worlds Newsletter has been written and is awaiting the 21st to go out. My newsletter goes out once month on the 21st. I pin a copy of the newsletter to my Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/KatherineesotoA . Check it out.

I produce some sort of art or journal piece at least once a week. I use paint and gesso and watercolors, as well as other things to make my own art and to take classes in art. My portraits are getting better.

She Rises by Katherine E. Soto

What are your projects you are working on?

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