Haiku Poems

written by Katherine E. Soto

Haiku poem is a three line poem that follows specific syllable count rules. Mine are 5-7-5 syllable Haiku. Haiku often involved nature and thoughts or feelings. They convey a message in a concise verse.

I took a Haiku challenge online. It was eight days of writing a Haiku poem.

With my five fingers
I write my way to haiku
A poem sings out
The green frog dances
On its lily pad so bright
As morning sun crests
My pain filled eyes.
Look back out of my mirror
Wait for pill’s effect.
Paint filled brushes
Creation on the paper
Color picture forms
It is a birthday
A cake filled with candles
Bright memories shine
Post read Wine and goats
Put wine and goats side by side
Spectacular fete.
Creating poems
Using imagination
In a strict format
Haiku poems
Written to leave one breathless
Words can shine so bright

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