Written by Katherine E. Soto

Tension walks locked in step with me

Pain erupts within my body

When tension steps through the doorway.

It is an elaborate relationship we have with one another.

Few times I can get it to flee from me

Allowing me to have a voice within my own body.

I would like to throw stones at tension when it appears.

Sometimes its sneaky and is silent when it comes

It creeps into my muscles and head before I realize it’s here.

Other times it rushes in to take charge of my body like a cold

Passing through the body, only this one does not leave.

Throwing Stones

One Reply to “Tension”

  1. Hi Katherine,
    I understand a little of what you mean. I’ve had back pain since I picked up a huge rock when I was 15, and since I carry tension in my back, it just makes it worse. My chiropractor is my best friend! It doesn’t help that I’m a traffic wimp, and big-city traffic can bring me to tears. Between that and the back spasms, traveling is a bit of a trial. Looking forward to more poems!

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