Who is Katherine E. Soto

I am 57 years old as of 2020. It surprises me to be this old.

I am married for over 34 years. November 2020 is our 35th year. I love my husband and he loves me. We are a great team.

My birthday is on New Year’s Eve. Pretty much everyone celebrates my birthday. I have learned to announce it’s my birthday and not New Year’s for me until midnight.

I am a writer. If you have been following along you know I have a book in creative editing with a publisher. I have written four other books to go with the first. I am beginning the fifth book about my main character daughter and her relationships to dragons and her world. I also am working on a poetry book.

Why do I write? I have been writing since I was young. I wrote creative stories throughout school. I always enjoyed a writing assignment. In high school and throughout college I wrote poetry. I think I have over 300 poems written by 2020. I had an idea for my fantasy book series while I was taking a shower and began to write. The characters came to life in my mind.

I was a special education teacher as my career. I have taught all grades in some way K-12, either as substitute teacher, or as a special education teacher. I taught RSP- Resource Specialist classes for fifteen years in sixth grade. I loved teaching and I love the kids I taught. I am willing to help anyone who needs help with lesson plans and ideas for their classroom. I loved putting lessons together so they fit into a unit. I can find resources on the internet pretty quick, too. I retired from teaching in 2014 due to a disability.

I also like to paint and create things with color. I am working on Art Trading Cards to trade. They are 2.5 by 3.5 cards that have a piece of art work on them. It’s nice to get pieces of mail and surprises. I am beginning to paint my own pieces. The painting below is one of my own.

She Rises by Katherine E. Soto

Summer is over

Fall begins

with changing leaves

and a change in seasons

Cool weather settles in

the heat of the summer

will be fond memories

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