8 Internet Places I Use Regularly with Examples

These are eight internet sites or apps I use.  I bought several of them through business emails.  Most I found by poking around the internet and looking at ads that interested me on Facebook.  I am always looking for an easier way to get things done. Also, I want to be able to keep up with my blog and social media posts.

1. https://app.contentpilot.io/  Contentpilot-  This is a social media poster.  You can post to most of your social media all at once with this software.  I find it quite easy to use.  It allows me to keep up with my twitter and Instagram posting each day. This software costs money to purchase. I bought this cheap when it first came out.

Content Pilot Dashboard- Send All

2. https://thekrowd.app/   krowd- This gives you Pinterest ideas to use as a basis for your own posts to Pinterest.  It will post to Pinterest for you after you finish designing an original post.It is easy to use.  It was cheap when I bought it in beta stage.  This software does cost money to use.

I made this post using krowd

3. http ://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp  This is an educational site all about HTML.  I do not use HTML often, so a cheat site is great when I do need to use it.  There are practice pages where you can try out what you are learning.  Cost: Nothing but your time to learn something new.

One of the HTML Practice Pages. I did this site on it.

4. https://designrr.io/  A site to create ebooks and lead magnets.  This is easy to use.  It can be time consuming if you do not save your work as you create.  I have made several book magnets using this site.  It is free up to a point, then cost moneys to use the rest of the website.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLwZQVzjWvpn2HHGpkXQKYm1UReXS0ZB/view?usp=sharing This is an ebook I made from posts here on this blog with designerr.

5. https://convertersuite.com/  A site that converts any type of document or PDF into other types of saved items you might need to use.  I frequently change PDFs to JPGs using this software. It is easy to use. It is free for two conversions a day, but costs money to have full use of all it has to offer.

This is a Word document I converted to a JPG. The conversion JPG file is below this one.

6. https://calibre-ebook.com/   Calibre Ebook Management – this app is free.  They will take donations. This software converts your PDFS and Word docs into mobi, epub and PDFS. This is easy to use. Directions are easy to follow. I used this to get my book magnets to run on Storyorigin.

Check out the book magnet to see the Calibre versions I used. (Did I just give a free ebook away?) https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/ce39c576-6812-11ea-8818-b7b50b6fce7e

7. https://boosted.lightricks.com/  A free and easy video maker.  Free to an extent unless you want the premium. It costs money per month. $12/month. It is easy to use. I have made several videos about a Facebook live in which I am participating.

This is a video I did for my site with this software.

Katherine E. Soto

8. https://www.wordclouds.com/ A free word cloud generator. It has lots of shapes and ways to make a word cloud. It take paragraphs or words and places them into a word cloud shape for you to use on your own pages.

Word Cloud from my review of Child of Chaos by Glen Dahlgren

Try these sites out. These sites help me run my social media and blog Author Empire.

 (I do not receive any money from any of these sites for putting them on my blog. Nor do I guarantee pricing or working of any of these sites.)

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