I need ARC Readers

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island is now in its ARC phase. I am looking for ARC readers at this time.


You can now sign up to be an ARC reader for my first book. Use the link above.

What is an ARC Reader? An ARC Reader is someone who reads an author’s book before it is published and gives a review on it for the author and publisher marketing purposes. When you sign up you are added to my ARC reader list. I will send you the ARC of the book for free. You read it and then write a review on it. You can send the review to me at ksotoemail@yahoo.com or send it to Rhet Askew Publishing.

This is an exciting time for me as an author. My book is going to be read and reviewed by interested people. Soon we will be in preproduction and begin the process to publishing the book.

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