Media you need to Use as an Author

The list below is not an end all be all list for authors. It is a place to start developing your skills in using the web to make your author kingdom bigger and better a little each day, Develop each until you have a system in place so each one is visited at least once a week.

My calendar is writing once a week to the website. I post something to my social media sites each day.

I read ARCS for other authors and post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. I also send my reviews to the author for approval and corrections.

My Featured Author blog goes out on the 2nd of each month.

The Newsletter goes out the 21st of each month. I work throughout the month on it.

I am in contact with my ARC readers on my team of readers at least once a week to say hello and remind them they have an ARC to read and review for me.

See the blog article about resources I use regularly to help me in my work.

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