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These are four ARC books I was given and asked to read and write a review of each.

Fed by the Fae by AJ Mullican

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Review by Katherine E. Soto

Lust that turns out to be soul mate love. Elven running around in skintight outfits.  A human who is at her wits end. The book Fed by the Fae by AJ Mullican is a fun adventurous romp through the Land of the Fae.

Molli is an average young woman in her early twenties. She is short is stature but is stacked in the right places.  She is on vacation in Ireland wandering from youth hostel to youth hostel, trying to stay one step away from starvation.  She knows no more money will come from her parents or ex-boyfriend. She wanders into the local woods on her way to the next town hoping the trees will keep the rain off her head, and maybe she will find some berries to eat. She stumbles across a Fairie Circle of mushrooms. The circle has berry bushes that look delicious.  She eats these berries, and her adventures begin.

The book is an adventure/ relationship story told from the main character’s viewpoint.  It reads from a twenty somethings view. Warning: Swearing and explicit sex scenes are in this book. However, the swearing is typical for a twenty-year-old to use in times of stress. The sex scenes drive the relationships between Molli’s three Fae and herself.  This book is a fun romp through Molli’s mistake of being Fed by the Fae to the ultimate end (or is it beginning) for her relationship with her three Fae.

Pact with the Pack by AJ Mullican

Review by Katherine E. Soto

I was given an ARC to read in exchange for this review.

Lycanthropy is the topic AJ Mullican uses to build relationships in the Pact with the Pack. Men that change into wolves and back again through the wolf magic.  They can also heal each other and themselves using the wolf magic.

Cherry gets mixed up with the wrong kind of boyfriend at the beginning of the book.  She breaks up with the controlling, freaked-out boyfriend who threatens to kill her. He can’t accept the breakup. Cherry ends up fleeing for her life to her Grandmother’s cabin in the mountain woods. Unfortunately, the boyfriend arrived first. He kills her Grandmother out of revenge and starts to kill Cherry. That’s when five wolves burst into the cabin to save her.  That’s when the real fun begins in this book.

The basis of relationships between Cherry and the five wolf/humans drives the rest of the book.  This is an erotic novel with X-rated scenes scattered throughout.  Swearing is also a part of some scenes in the book. If this bothers you, then do not read this book.   Otherwise this book shows how relationships can develop in a reverse harem involving five guys and one girl.

Will Cherry escape the threats to her life, or will the pack suffer the consequences of protecting her? Can she learn to control an Alpha wolf and his pack, or does she even need to?

 I have enjoyed both books I have read in this series.  Pact with the Pack is a fast-paced adventurous novel.

The Heir of G.O’D. Revelations by Harper Maze
Reviewed by Katherine E. Soto

What an odd book I said to myself as I began to read it. It took one or two chapters to bring the dystopian world that the main character Ana lives in into focus. Ana is a major game player in the Arenas and tournaments set up in the world they call Sol that has taken over the virtual world on the 3arth. Sol is a giant conglomerate run by two massive companies. One does the game play and runs it, while the other gives away the equipment to play it. It’s a fine mix of the two.

It is easily overbalanced when a year before the Heir is to turn 18 years old, the dying wishes of his or her father is given to the world in a threatening gesture. The dying father says that the Heir must decide to cut off Sol or leave it running for the world to continue to live in. Unfortunately, no one knows who the Heir is. The only thing they know is that the Heir was bind at birth. Of course, it is noted by the news that blind people are being kidnapped off the streets and are disappearing.

Did I not tell you Ana is blind? Ana can see in the world of Sol due to her implants and a VR machine in the game. She cannot see anything in the real world. This makes her terrified of the real world. Ana gets involved in trying to get a visor that will help her see in the real world before the world of Sol is taken offline permanently. Adventures follow her and anyone involved with her.
I know I said it is an odd book, but it grows on you. Ana is a likeable character who sort of falls into trouble even though she has the best laid plans. She is a capable warrior in the gaming scenes in the book. She is pitiable when she travels in the real world. Her friends try to protect her and go along with most of her wants. They worry about her obsession to be able to see in the real world.

This book is full of lights and darks, good characters, and ones you would not want to meet in a dark alley. The book ends on a cliff hanger. I look forward to reading book II in this series to see what happens to the world and to Ana. 

Review of the Sand Sea by Michael McClellan

Reviewed By Katherine E. Soto

This is a fantasy adventure. It takes the reader from one end of a different world to another in a beautifully written saga that concerns a prophecy. The prophecy pulls together people from foreign lands on a different world into the Desert Sea area to demand its fulfillment. An adventurer decides to take an expedition into the area where he runs into much trouble. Is hegoing to make the trade for the things his government wants? A young man who is indiscreet and a drunk, is kidnapped from the expedition and brought to the desert people to be their leader. Is he the prophesied leader? A young lady of proper breeding is along for the adventure with this expedition. Can she represent her father’s interests and stay alive? A young girl is almost thrown into the fire to be executed. She is rescued and on the run to the people in the desert to become their leader. Can she make the right choices? A leader of a land chases this girl across the lands, while his men plot against him. Who will survive? The prophecy brings this disparate band together to decide the fate of their world. I enjoyed reading this fantasy adventure story. I would recommend it to anyone who looks for a good read about a memorable world with interesting characters.

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