Grandma’s Christmas Decorating

This is a piece I wrote thinking about my decorating and how it would look to my granddaughter.

The Christmas decorations were put up a little at a time if Grandma did not hire help. The Santa collection in its whites, blues and reds twinkled with lites she draped within the collection.  The handful of Santas were scattered throughout the snowmen like she could not make up her mind which to collect. Each is special and has memories of other Christmases wrapped around them.  Her box collection has reindeer, snowmen, and holly painted on the tops and sides. There are four Christmas countdown calendars boxes. Two with drawers and doors go in the box collection on top of the large redwood trunk that sits in the living room next to the case with the snowman collection. A wooden tree that has its own wooden ornaments in its bottom cupboards is placed on the silver cart. The silver is moved to another spot in the living room for the holidays. The front hallway greets guests with a small tree with tiny ornaments on it.  The decorations change as she adds to the small ornament collection. Nascar ornaments too big for the tiny tree take up space underneath, along with non-hanging decorations such as a wooden train.  The big tree stands five feet tall. It is prelit with lights, so there is not an early struggle to put lights on and off it. Grandma’s precious ornaments, each with its memory are on this tree.  The gifts her girls gave her. Things friends made or gave her.  Grandpa’s friend who made ornaments to go in her Christmas cards are placed among the branches. If you ask Grandma for a memory, she can tell you about each ornament. The tree is lit every evening and sometimes it is left lit up for days and nights. The three Christmas trees, the box collection the grandchildren could play with, and the Christmas tree are my memories of a Christmas at Grandma’s.  I can’t forget those presents, either.

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