Update on My Author Kingdom

In other words- How the struggle goes to get my name out there.

My website visit chart. Very few zero days this month.

Newsletter subscribers: 608 contacts and 519 subscribers. The unsubscribes are due to contest giveaways who drop out after the contests. The newsletter goes out on the 21st of each month. I have developed a template to use.

Twitter 347 followers

Instagram- I am at 10 posts. 2 followers I had to change the name to katherineesotoauthor2 on Instagram. My old name was having problems with log in.

Author page on Facebook 239 people following me

Bookbub I have 1,022 followers. I also have 14 book reviews.

I have 2 story magnets on story origin I use for newsletter swaps.

Free download gift for my readers: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WzRG13UoEi3aEE3EzAmh0SQZxdl1qEIz/view?usp=sharing

Have a great Holiday

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