Why Creating New Worlds?

multicolored abstract painting
Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

There is a theory that we live in a multiple universe. Each decision we make spins off a different world that lives on its own. Every now and then we step through to a different sphere and our lives change. With this theory in mind, it becomes possible to create new worlds every day.

I am a writer. I created an entire new world in my books about Grey Dawn of Dharaven. New characters and places come to life under my fingertips on my computer keyboard. Writing is an art form that creates within itself.

I also draw and paint. I enjoy doing it and it helps keep me in a creative flow. I like to see colors blend together to create background on which I can paint anything my heart or brain desires. It does not matter if it is a large piece or a small card piece, art begats creativity.

How can you create new worlds every day?

Get up, get dressed, and face the day.

Create a piece of art.

Write something.

Clean and organize a part of your office or home.

Read a book.

Research something new.

Spend time playing.

Do something fun.

Do something good for yourself.

Doing one or more of these things can create a new world for you. It improves your life and increases your happiness.

Go ahead, pick one of these ideas, do it, see if it helps you create something new. You can step into a new universe you create.

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