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Glen Dahlgren has a new book coming out at the end of August 2021: The Game of War.

Book Blurb

Never meet your heroes—especially if they’re dead.

Years before the Child of Chaos makes their fateful choice, young Dantess faces his own reckoning.

Dantess wants to follow in the footsteps of his dead grandfather—a legendary priest of War—but his father forbids it. In fact, his father’s hatred of War lands him in a cell within the god’s temple.

The only way to free him is from the inside, so Dantess must choose: let his father die or defy his upbringing, become a priest, and win his father’s freedom in the temple’s deadly Game of War.

Torn between the legacies of his father and grandfather, Dantess finds that both paths hide secrets that threaten to destroy everything he cares about, including his sanity.

Dantess must decide who he wants to be—but if he’s wrong, everyone will pay the price.

The Game of War is a standalone, full-size prequel novel to the Chronicles of Chaos.

“Game of War, like its predecessor, Child of Chaos, is riveting and compelling. Introducing new, fascinating characters, adventures and relationships, Glen Dahlgren weaves another magical book that is a must-read for any fan of fantasy literature.” —Barbara Blackburn, Knights of the Dinner Table

My Review

The Game of War by Glen Dahlgren

Review by Katherine E. Soto

Once again this author has written an adventure that keeps the reader’s interest in turning those pages until the end of the book wanting to see what happens next.  Dantess, the main character, is swept into the Temple of War trying to do what is right. Somehow it all ends up wrong as he faces obstacles within his path of trying to save what he holds to be most valuable.

Based in the world from Child of Chaos this book takes you into the prehistory of Dantess the Great War God warrior and his beginnings in the War Temple. The reader learns more about the world in which these characters live and what the Temple of War is truly like on the inside. 

Of course, a few friends are at Dantess’ side as he ventures forth. Warren and Jyn, two kids who go with Dantess to the Temple of war, Jyn’s Mother and even Dantess’ father manage to get involved in the chaotic adventures played out. As always, the enemies Dantess makes are not very nice as they create several more problems for him to solve and make attempts on his life for various nefarious reasons.

This book is a standalone with its own characters based in the world from Child of Chaos. It is a prequel book to Dahlgren’s previous book. There are many twists and turns the author can take to bring more of this world and his writings to his readers. I sincerely hope he does.

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