Writing posts got away from me these past few weeks.

It is a busy time here in my life. We had a flood in our kitchen and have to pack up the house to get the floors redone. We have also decided to make the big move out of state at this time. I am unloading things out the house as quick as I can and reorganizing what I am keeping because we w ill be downsizing into a smaller house.

I took a week long trip to Tucson, AZ to look over rental properties. What week of trying to get appointments and find places to look at. I will be moving my business Creating New Worlds LLC and the author business with me, of course, since they are online and I can work anywhere.

Look what I did in November. It was a lot of fun to do this podcast.


This is the Author’s Porch. The host was marvelous and we had a great time!

My novel has been delayed once more due to health problems with the guy who does all the stuff. He says 5 or so delay. Listen for the yell in California when it comes out!

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