Review of 2021 in My Life


Began Lifebook 2021 classes- Art

Poem accepted by Carcosa Magazine for April Publication


Cleaned out clothes closet 2/2

Victor brought me flowers 2/11

Violet turned 5 2/20

1st Covid shot 2/23


“Rise” accepted for publication in Sensations Magazine 3/2

Lotherien Poetry Collection published six haiku poems 3/21

2nd covid shot 3/23


Preorder for Anthology Abducted 4/16

 Clowns Story- on Fiction Break online 4/10

Rebel Giveaway 4/10 4/16

Terry Brooks sent a postcard 4/17

May interview 5/20

Barnes and Noble and Red Robin trip out 5/28


New glasses 6/5

30 Day email developed 6/10

Creatng New Worlds business 6/14

Blake Goldburst Show 6/17


Down to 211 lbs from 220 7/14

Babysat Violet 7/17

Business website 7/24

Victor to Urgent Care 7/27


Mom came to live with us this month


Mom left our house 9/10


AME classes started 10/12

IHD reunion 10/16

Abducted anthology published 10/25


Victor Bladder surgery 11/4

Kitchen floods 11/12

Short story sent to Tarina Publication LeBeau Enterprises 11/16

The Author’s Porch Interview 11/30

Story sent to Author’s Porch- Anthology- Trixie in Troubled


Organizing and packing house for major move to Tucson, AZ

12/31- Birthday Celebrations- Red Robin and Benihana, cake with Mom and Christy at their house.

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