Platform Articles- Beginnings.

As creatives we tend to forget about the world we live in as we create new worlds in our books and art. However let me drag you down into reality.  We need to consider our platform.  What will we be doing to promote our books and art?  Where do we want to be represented andhow are we going to represent ourselves on each platform are questions we need to consider.

Platform One: A web page- this can be a simple or as complicated as you want it to be.  This is where you talk about you, your life, your services, products and etc. This where every other part of your platform will send people back to find out information about you, You can do it yourself or someone else can make it for you.

Platform Two: Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest.

Make sure your logo is the same across all your platforms that way people know it’s you.

Your Facebook can be a personal or business page. I recommend a business page that way you can sell things on it if you want to and run advertising on it.

Twitter is for short tweets about you, your life or your products/business.

Instagram is all about pictures and business stuff. Be intentional with your Instagram posts. Put links into your pictures and not in your message. Instagram hates links in posts.

Linked In is a business page primarily. Keep posts business oriented and related here.

Pinterest is an world unto itself. Learn about it and use it to pin your stuff you post onto it. It has a stiff learning curve to know how to use it effectively. Take a class that is offered.

All of the social media is used to point toy our websites or direct products for sale.

This is the beginning of a platform for you and your business. For more information you can purchase my downloadable printable How to Build and Author Platform available at:

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