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Published February 2019,

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Katherine E Soto- Author Introduction/Welcome

“A writer is defined as someone who writes, while an author is someone who is published.” I am an author with two poems and a blog article published. I know I sound too big for my growing author wings, but I am pleased to see my work in the world.

So, down to business. This page will hold my hopes and dreams. No, seriously, this page will show my personal journey as a writer.

I will keep lists of books I read, along with their notes.

I will list communities I belong to, so you can join them, too.

I will share some my own poetry. This is my favorite genre of writing. I love free form poetry in all its glory. I have been writing it since high school.

I will share links to sites I find helpful to me as a writer.

I might share some of my short stories so you can see where my mind takes me. It is a weird and wonderful life to be a writer.

I might even excerpt from the book I am writing. I have 10,000 words written since February 27, 2019. Today is March 2, 2019. I am going to track my word count here, too.

My failures will be visited too, but that is a good thing. Failures create learning opportunities.

Most important- I will list my publications and where to find them.

My education background is:

I earned a BA degree in Anthropology from Cal Sate University- San Bernadino.

I earned three teaching credentials: A multiple subjects credential, a specialist for the severely handicapped credential, and a Resource Specialist credential. I am currently still certified, even though I am now on disability retirement. My resume will be posted soon as a page to this blog.

If you are an editor in need of a writer who can research and develop an article on a health topic or on dialysis please contact me.

If you want to see a new author grow her wings in the field of writing and maybe discover a new author before she publishes her first book, come along with me. Experience my world as a Writer/Author.

I See Adventure Ahead!

My email:

Facebook: (I am currently setting it up)

I have Twitter but it is not in use yet.

My other blog: My life as a permanent Dialysis Patient Some of my blogs from that site will appear here, too. After awhile on writing blogs will be on this site.