Why Creating New Worlds?

multicolored abstract painting
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There is a theory that we live in a multiple universe. Each decision we make spins off a different world that lives on its own. Every now and then we step through to a different sphere and our lives change. With this theory in mind, it becomes possible to create new worlds every day.

I am a writer. I created an entire new world in my books about Grey Dawn of Dharaven. New characters and places come to life under my fingertips on my computer keyboard. Writing is an art form that creates within itself.

I also draw and paint. I enjoy doing it and it helps keep me in a creative flow. I like to see colors blend together to create background on which I can paint anything my heart or brain desires. It does not matter if it is a large piece or a small card piece, art begats creativity.

How can you create new worlds every day?

Get up, get dressed, and face the day.

Create a piece of art.

Write something.

Clean and organize a part of your office or home.

Read a book.

Research something new.

Spend time playing.

Do something fun.

Do something good for yourself.

Doing one or more of these things can create a new world for you. It improves your life and increases your happiness.

Go ahead, pick one of these ideas, do it, see if it helps you create something new. You can step into a new universe you create.

What am I reading?

I am a writer and I like to help other writers, so I post a lot of things for writers to use on my blog.  I also have readers of my blog, so I must serve then also with things to read about.  I am hoping that my readers are writers, and my writers are readers.

I am a reader, too. Last year I read over 52 books.

What do I read? I read a lot fantasy and science fiction novels.  I will read an occasional romance.  I like the Reader’s Digest for a quick read. I like the San Diego Zoo’s Zoo News. I have a zoo membership, so the magazine comes for free. It hs information about the zoo’s animals and horticulture, plus upcoming events.

What authors do I enjoy reading?

Mercedes Lackey is one of my favorite authors. She has strong female characters in her books. Jolene is her latest. It is a book set in the old coal producing times of Tennessee. The title character is not the main character in the story, but she does cause some trouble for them when she tries to help.

Anne McCaffrey’s Dragons of Pern is an excellent set of books to read.  Her son Todd McCaffrey cowrote with her and has written several books in the series himself. Find a timeline on line and read the books in order of the timeline.

Terry Goodkind writes the Sword of Truth Series.  A series of books that takes world building into a new realm. I fell in love with his main characters Richard and Kahlan. Goodkind puts them through hell as they try to save their world several times from villains that either want to take over the world or want everyone dead.  Excellent fantasy adventure reads starting with Wizard’s First Rule.

What I am reading right now?  I finished The Lion of Cairo a few nights ago, then plunged into the military sci fi adventure Death Lands. 

What’s next?

It depends on what I find on my bookshelves. I have two bookshelves I am attempting to empty of the one book authors I have bought. I also have ARCS to read for other authors. I also have books on my Kindle app. I get a lot of free books on it.

2021 Goals

Goals are an important part of the beginning of a new year. Goals give you broad ideas to reach for during the year. They provide guides to where you are going during the year. They often give a jumping off place and a finish line.

My Goals for 2021

Author Goals

Publish Book 1

Market Book 1,

Book 2 into queue

Edit book 2-4

Anthology short story edited and turned in

Continue writing Book 5

Keep Author Platform running smoothly with weekly blog posts and daily media posts.

I want to learn how to write non fiction.

I am also a poet and would like to put my poems together.

I want to enter contests with my poetry.

Personal Goals

Organize my office and house

Stay as heathy as I can this year.

Exercise each day as you can

Go through Clothes Closet

Take already read books to Goodwill

Stay Mentally healthy, avoid depression

Watch anxiety, keep it low

Social Goals are on hold due to Covid 19 pandemic

Stay in contact with family and friends by phone and computer

Media you need to Use as an Author

The list below is not an end all be all list for authors. It is a place to start developing your skills in using the web to make your author kingdom bigger and better a little each day, Develop each until you have a system in place so each one is visited at least once a week.

My calendar is writing once a week to the website. I post something to my social media sites each day.

I read ARCS for other authors and post reviews to Amazon, Goodreads and Bookbub. I also send my reviews to the author for approval and corrections.

My Featured Author blog goes out on the 2nd of each month.

The Newsletter goes out the 21st of each month. I work throughout the month on it.

I am in contact with my ARC readers on my team of readers at least once a week to say hello and remind them they have an ARC to read and review for me.

See the blog article about resources I use regularly to help me in my work. https://katherineesoto-author.com/index.php/2020/10/05/8-internet-places-i-use-regularly-with-examples/

Achieving A Life Balance

Achieving a life balance means you have time for all aspects of your life: work, relationships, writing, family, and recreation. Sometimes you get overwhelmed with everything you feel you must do to be successful. However, successful people use a system in order to create a life balance.

4 things to do right now.

  1. Write out your goals. Sit down with apiece of paper and pen or your computer and write down goals in each of these areas: work, relationships, writing, family, and recreation. Think about what you want to accomplish in each area in the next 6 months. Goals need to be attainable.
  2. List your daily schedule. You need to find time to work on each of your goals during the day or week. Listing your daily schedule lets you see where times are where you can work on a goal.
  3. Use your goal list and your schedule to prioritize your life and work goals. You have to make time to work on your goals.
  4. Stick to your new schedule unless you run into an emergency. Use your new planned time to work on your goals. If you put down gym time on your schedule for certain hours, then stick to it. Sometimes you can work into your schedule unsinkable days. These are days where you plan working on your goals all day. You can pick one or all of your goals. Schedule your work time during that day to work on one or two, or all of your goals.

Using these ideas and your own schedule and goals, you can begin to work on your goals. You will see a change as you attain goals and set new ones every six months. It takes work to make change in your life.


As a writer you are accountable to yourself and maybe to an editor.  How do you keep on top of your own writing? Is it a difficult thing to do each day?  Not really is my answer.  You must take into account your life and the many things that pull on you each day. 

Be accountable for your own writing.

Many writers have full time jobs and a family to take care of. It is not easy to write every day.  I do not believe that you, as a writer, have to write every single day without fail.  I think you need time for your imagination and storyline to catch up with your story.  However this does not excuse you from the grind of writing on your projects.  Things must get accomplished.

Be accountable to yourself as you work on your writing projects. 

That is the real reason you write, for YOU.

Do You Expect Good Things to Happen in Your Life?

Research has shown that if we expect good things to happen in our life they often do. Feeling positive isn’t some magic formula that guarantees good, but there is a direct link between our feelings of positive expectations and the release of endorphins in our brain that act as natural painkillers. These in turn help us to deal with the stress and difficulties and to think clearly enough to be able to create possible solutions to them.

The reverse happens when we have low expectations of positive outcomes. If we think negatively about things, the release of these same endorphins is inhibited. We tend to feel more depressed and it becomes difficult to think about positive outcomes when the situation appears hopeless. Once this cycle continues, we need something to happen to change the perspective and provide us with some optimism to kick-start the flow of hormones again.

The influence of others positive expectations of our performance and us also influence our expectations on ourselves. Teachers and parents who have positive expectations on a student’s ability to produce a specific standard of work that is within the capability of the student often see continuous improvement in their work. Low expectations often produce low results.

There are numerous examples of underachievement in our schools. Those same students, when provided with teachers gifted to help them believe in themselves, often can improve their grades and excel. This same attitude can turn a failing business into a profitable company if those charged with strategic planning believe in the products and services they are marketing to customers. 

A motivated person with high expectations of themselves and belief in what they want to achieve, will seek ways to achieve their goals and dreams and this in turn produces endorphins that help to maintain the focus even when there are barriers in front of them. Each small success increases the positive expectations and outcomes. An unmotivated person is weighed down by self doubt, risks focusing on negative outcomes and expectations and often cannot see the small successes as necessary stepping stones to more significant ones.

If you are in a state of low self-expectation and negative thinking, surround yourself with positive people who can help you to re focus and believe in yourself and in what you want to achieve with your life. Do you expect good outcomes in your life?

8 Internet Places I Use Regularly with Examples

These are eight internet sites or apps I use.  I bought several of them through business emails.  Most I found by poking around the internet and looking at ads that interested me on Facebook.  I am always looking for an easier way to get things done. Also, I want to be able to keep up with my blog and social media posts.

1. https://app.contentpilot.io/  Contentpilot-  This is a social media poster.  You can post to most of your social media all at once with this software.  I find it quite easy to use.  It allows me to keep up with my twitter and Instagram posting each day. This software costs money to purchase. I bought this cheap when it first came out.

Content Pilot Dashboard- Send All

2. https://thekrowd.app/   krowd- This gives you Pinterest ideas to use as a basis for your own posts to Pinterest.  It will post to Pinterest for you after you finish designing an original post.It is easy to use.  It was cheap when I bought it in beta stage.  This software does cost money to use.

I made this post using krowd

3. http ://www.w3schools.com/html/html_links.asp  This is an educational site all about HTML.  I do not use HTML often, so a cheat site is great when I do need to use it.  There are practice pages where you can try out what you are learning.  Cost: Nothing but your time to learn something new.

One of the HTML Practice Pages. I did this site on it.

4. https://designrr.io/  A site to create ebooks and lead magnets.  This is easy to use.  It can be time consuming if you do not save your work as you create.  I have made several book magnets using this site.  It is free up to a point, then cost moneys to use the rest of the website.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PLwZQVzjWvpn2HHGpkXQKYm1UReXS0ZB/view?usp=sharing This is an ebook I made from posts here on this blog with designerr.

5. https://convertersuite.com/  A site that converts any type of document or PDF into other types of saved items you might need to use.  I frequently change PDFs to JPGs using this software. It is easy to use. It is free for two conversions a day, but costs money to have full use of all it has to offer.

This is a Word document I converted to a JPG. The conversion JPG file is below this one.

6. https://calibre-ebook.com/   Calibre Ebook Management – this app is free.  They will take donations. This software converts your PDFS and Word docs into mobi, epub and PDFS. This is easy to use. Directions are easy to follow. I used this to get my book magnets to run on Storyorigin.

Check out the book magnet to see the Calibre versions I used. (Did I just give a free ebook away?) https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/ce39c576-6812-11ea-8818-b7b50b6fce7e

7. https://boosted.lightricks.com/  A free and easy video maker.  Free to an extent unless you want the premium. It costs money per month. $12/month. It is easy to use. I have made several videos about a Facebook live in which I am participating.

This is a video I did for my site with this software.

Katherine E. Soto

8. https://www.wordclouds.com/ A free word cloud generator. It has lots of shapes and ways to make a word cloud. It take paragraphs or words and places them into a word cloud shape for you to use on your own pages.

Word Cloud from my review of Child of Chaos by Glen Dahlgren

Try these sites out. These sites help me run my social media and blog Author Empire.

 (I do not receive any money from any of these sites for putting them on my blog. Nor do I guarantee pricing or working of any of these sites.)

4 Things to Do to Help Achieve Life Balance

Most of us have things in our lives we want to do, as well as those things we have to do. Perhaps you want to go to the gym more often, or you want to read more books this year. Do you find yourself wishing you had more time to pursue the things you want to do as well as the things you need to do?

Whilst time management is important to achieving these goals, some other steps must precede it. As you define these steps, preferably using a journal to keep track of what you discover about yourself, they will help you achieve that work and life balance that will enable you to do those things you want to do and achieve at this point in your life.

  • List Your Goals

All of us have goals that change regularly and that reflect other things going on in our life at the time. List your goals and prioritize them from important to least important. Include not only the goals you have to achieve, but  also the personal goals you want to achieve.

List your goals
  • List Your Daily Schedule

Although we want more time in the day, all of us have 24 hours. We use some of these hours for sleep and some of these for work and recreation purposes. List down your daily schedule and include the things you must do because they are a commitment. This may include work commitments or school sport commitments with the children.

white printer paper on laptop
Make a daily schedule
  • Prioritize Your Personal Goals with Equal Priority as Work Related Goals

Don’t minimize the time available to do the things you want to do, particularly if they are contributing to your life goals or wellbeing. Include family time and other essential life activities that require your time and attention.

white neon lights near trees
Prioritize the Goal.
Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash
  • Keep to the Schedule unless in an Emergency

Most people who create a daily schedule, keep to it for a while, but not long enough for it to become a habit. Habits take around 3 weeks to form, so if you want your new approach to work and lifestyle to be maintained, you must protect it at all costs. If you want to achieve your own personal goals, you must protect them at all costs. Eventually, the changes you implement will become second nature, but until then, you need to stay in control of your time management.

Protect your Goals and your time spent working on them.
Photo by Erik Kroon on Unsplash