A Word Cloud

This is from my piece called Tony. It is from an excerpt from my first book. Word clouds help writers tell what words are appearing in a piece of writing the most. This piece is about Grey’s neighborhood and how she met Tony.

Working on 1st Book

I am not ignoring everyone who reads this blog. I have received the beta read and creative editing stuff back on my book from the publisher. It is four pages of changes I should make to the book to make it a better book. It says pretty much everything I thought it needed. I am rewriting it as you are reading this article. I have given myself a March 1st deadline to get it back to my publisher rewritten.

Do you want a peak at a piece I removed from the book? Yes, of course you do. You can download it below. This is a piece that may be included in the boo, or not. Right now it sits outside waiting for its turn. Enjoy.

Main Character in Grey Dawn of Dharaven Katz Island ( A tease)

Grey Dawn Cloudstorm is the main character in the book. She is a member of the Dragon Mountain Clan on the continent of Aven.

Her first job as a young adult was training a young dragon by herself in the jungles of Aven.

Grey attended Dhar University to be come an archaeologist first, then wrote her own doctorate program in Photographic Archaeology. She works as a professor at Dhar University. She teaches classes in photography and how to use it in archaeology.

Grey is shy at first, but as you get to know her you discover an interesting person. She is smart. She stands her ground when she knows she is right. She works hard at her job. She is a good leader.

Wish her luck as she is off to lead an expedition to find an Underground Human Settlement on the Island of Katz. Adventure is sure to find her and her team.

1st Draft

I finished my first draft on Wednesday night; 297 pages, over 91000 words.

Now I review editing things, get things organized, and set my teeth into my manuscript. I am taking a week or two off from it. I have also sent it in rough draft form to my alpha reader. We shall see what she says about it!

I have never written a story this long. I like it. I even have an idea for a sequel to this book. We shall see where it leads me now.

Queries to an agent, letters written, things beginning to set up for a published book.. Wish me luck!

A Few Links to Wet Your Curiosity

What could I be writing about? How does a stick dance fit into the story? Just wait…


This is a video about archaeology sites around the world. Controversial, so, use your own wisdom in believing what they say in it. Why would I use a controversial video?

Just a few peeks that can lead to ideas of what I am currently writing.

I see adventure ahead!