Cover Reveal and Preorder Link

Here is the cover reveal for the book Abducted An Alien Romance Collection.

I am an author in this anthology. Here is the preorder link.

Book Blurb:

Love built on betrayal.
Lust that can’t be denied.
Temptation of the forbidden.

Prepare for out of this world stories as you delve into these 8 unforgettable sci-fi alien romances. This isn’t a rescue mission. This is ABDUCTED.

Abducted includes stories based on forbidden romances, enemies to lovers, and happily ever afters – there is something for everyone! Available for a limited time so grab your copy and discover 8 new book boyfriends today!

Authors in this anthology include Elvira Bathory, Lissa Lynn Thomas, Katherine E. Soto, Mandy Melanson, Jordan Elizabeth, Victoria Escobar, Nikki Landis, and Helena Novak

My Story Blurb:

Light Couple

The epic and interesting love story of Brunbee Lockhart, an Alpha Centaurian, and Brendan Savon, a human abducted from Earth. It was love at first sight. From their first meeting, they knew they wanted to stay in each other’s arms forever. But faced with bureaucratic paperwork they have to fill out in order to become a couple on the planet of Alpha Centauri, their love is tested. Will they be strong enough to overcome the challenges and go through the next step of becoming a Light Couple who is allowed to raise children? This story creates a fantasy that portrays a journey of love with struggles. It resonates with anyone in a relationship that most people think will not last.

5 Interview Questions and My Answers

I’m starting to practice answers to interview questions as my book publication gets closer (charges at me like a runaway Rhino.) I thought my readers might be interested to see some answers from me.

Question 1- What’s your next project?

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island is Book 1 of a proposed series. I have written books two, three and four. At the present time I am writing Book 5 in the series.

I am also working on an anthology short story piece. I have a romance noel idea I have kicked around for years and a horror novel that has been written to page 36. I have over 350 poems written. They have been typed up and will be easier to access to begin the process of rewriting and choosing poems for a chapbook or pamphlet of poetry.

Questions 2: What are the best choices that have made me into the writer I am today?

First off I realized I had no idea how to write a complete book early on when I began to write. I read Pereira’s DIY/MFA book to learn what is included in a good book. I learned about online resources and books to help me in my writing process. To realize I did not know about something I truly wanted to do, then researching and learning about it made me work hard to accomplish becoming an author.

Question 3 What is my favorite love story?

The relationship that develops between Richard and Kahlan, in the Sword of Truth series written by Terry Goodkind, touched me. I love the way they can support one another as they go through hell and highwater to save the kingdom.

Question 4 List five adjectives to describe yourself.

Stubborn, lovable, smart, creative, and hopeful

Question 5 If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be?

If you take it one second, one minute, and one increment of time at a time you can get through anything.

This year’s sentence: I wish love, hope, and peace fill your life with joy.

Update on My Author Kingdom

In other words- How the struggle goes to get my name out there.

My website visit chart. Very few zero days this month.

Newsletter subscribers: 608 contacts and 519 subscribers. The unsubscribes are due to contest giveaways who drop out after the contests. The newsletter goes out on the 21st of each month. I have developed a template to use.

Twitter 347 followers

Instagram- I am at 10 posts. 2 followers I had to change the name to katherineesotoauthor2 on Instagram. My old name was having problems with log in.

Author page on Facebook 239 people following me

Bookbub I have 1,022 followers. I also have 14 book reviews.

I have 2 story magnets on story origin I use for newsletter swaps.

Free download gift for my readers:

Have a great Holiday

I need ARC Readers

Grey Dawn of Dharaven: Katz Island is now in its ARC phase. I am looking for ARC readers at this time.

You can now sign up to be an ARC reader for my first book. Use the link above.

What is an ARC Reader? An ARC Reader is someone who reads an author’s book before it is published and gives a review on it for the author and publisher marketing purposes. When you sign up you are added to my ARC reader list. I will send you the ARC of the book for free. You read it and then write a review on it. You can send the review to me at or send it to Rhet Askew Publishing.

This is an exciting time for me as an author. My book is going to be read and reviewed by interested people. Soon we will be in preproduction and begin the process to publishing the book.


This is a short fiction story I wrote for a contest that was never published.

My name is Isabella. I lived in a village no one ever heard of called Isen, where it was icy cold. I will tell of one night when I was alone.

“Isabella, I want to talk to you,” the priest said through the unopened door. I stood next to the door waiting for him to speak again. “Isabella, we need you. You’re the protection against the wolves and demons that might roam the woods this night. Help us.”

“I’m not ready.” I hurried into my clothes gathering things together at the front door. “Give me a few minutes.”

“Isabella, your mother agreed, you must do what she promised before she died. I hope she gave you her knowledge.” His voice was intense.

I opened the door in my full regalia of a witch. “I’m aware of what my mother said she would do for the village. Let me get my cloak and bag.”  I turned to retrieve a black bag, my cloak went over my shoulders, and my blacker than black walking stick was in my hand. I dressed in my mother’s hand-me-down black dress with heavy leggings and black boots. Mother’s Witch Symbol dangled around my neck. I shoved a fur hat on my head.

“You will come? Do you have what you need?” He shivered when he saw the witch symbol. He turned to face the woods.

“I have not agreed to do this protecting you need done.” I turned back to my door.

“Isabelle, you must come. We have nothing. Please.” His voice rose higher as he spoke.

“Calm down, priest. Let’s see the set up.” I pulled on warmer gloves and pulled on a warm fur hat. “Take me there.” The priest turned back to the path. The priest’s movements showed his anxiety. He looked side to side and back at me, then to the front repeatedly. It began to affect me when we arrived at a small cave that sat in the center of the woods.

“This is where they will come from.” He said. “I have no way to stop them from destroying our village. Your mother promised she would take care of it. It falls to you. Did she teach you about the cavern?”

I sighed.  My Mother’s death left me with many obligations. “I will try, priest. That is what I can promise. I will try not to be killed protecting my home.” He sighed, made the sign of the cross, turned, and began the cold walk back to the village.

I was more prepared for this night than I let on to the priest. Mother taught me everything she could in her last months. I pulled out the bags I hid in the forest yesterday. I pulled out a blanket, flinging it open onto the snow. Its blackness contrasted with the white snow. I pulled three candles from one of the packs. I placed them in the center point of the blanket. Then I drew a circle with pine needles, fresh off the trees around me. I said the Lord’s Prayer, a Witches’ Prayer, and a personal prayer for my safety while I did the ritual. I lit one candle with each prayer. I placed the white candle into the center of the cave entrance. I heard a growl from deep inside. I picked up the black candle and placed it in the left-hand crevice. The red candle went into the red slot of a right-hand crevice. I heard a scream come from the cave, a little closer than the growl had been. They were waiting for the night.

I began to weave from candle to candle with magic streaming from my fingers.  This needed to be a strong gate to keep them from blossoming out of the cave like an evil flower. I pulled every bit of magic I could find in the woods to me as I wove a magical web. It would stop the smaller demons and wolves, but I knew I was in for a fight with the bigger demons. I stopped when the last magic strand went into place.

I had a few hours to rest and warm up my magic for a fight. I picked up the axe Father left us when he was taken by the militia and died at their hands. I wove magic in, out, and around the axe head and handle. It was my only defense for anything that came out of the cave.

I heard screams, howls and voices come closer to the cavern mouth. I saw shadows flicker through the back of the cave. I shivered. The net was too much trouble for the first to try to get through. I would deal with the big creatures of the night if they chose to ignore my net’s warning.  I sat on a tree stump to watch the entrance. Sparks flew out of the mouth of it as my net was tested.  I was seething with ground and forest magic. I wove more strands into my net and around the axe.

Deep, fierce growls came from the deep cavern.  I heard an answering growl from behind me. I spun around, axe in hand. It was a huge wolf that stood behind me.  A few more wolves stepped into the edge of the clearing. I reached out to the wolf and touched him with Nature’s magic Mother taught me to use.

“Evil comes tonight.” He growled out at me. “Who be you?”

“I’m the Guard for this cave.” She answered him. He nodded his head in assent. He sat next to me while his pack gathered around me at the entrance to the cave. A howl, heart breaking and loud, came from the cave. The wolves answered with their calls.

“Don’t call it.” I said.

“We tell it we protect this place.” The Great Wolf growled.

A large shadow wolf moved across the back of the cave. It was not interested in meeting these wolf brothers. We watched as shadow after shadow walked up to the net of magic to pull and prod on it, then decide it was not worth the fight.  I was hissed at time and time again. I sat with my axe, silent, with the Brotherhood of Wolves around me.  One or two small devilments came through the net. The wolves picked them off in midair. Their magic fed the wolves.

I could see the magic shield that grew around us and the cavern.  Nothing would get into the village this night. I might die here, but the villagers were safe. I touched the wolf nearest to me. “They come.” 

The ugliest, reddish black monster with a forked tail stood at the opening of the cave behind my net. He grabbed the net with both hands. It electrocuted him with five thousand volts of pure witch magic.  I felt the net weaken.  The next three were fried, too. The magic net weakened until It was nonexistent when the last creature reached the back of the cavern.  He saw us waiting.  I flashed the axe in a circle. He saw the demons that laid in front of the cavern. He watched as devilments were eaten by the wolves. He shook his head.

“Protection granted, Witch.” His brutish, gravelly voice came from the back of the cave. “We’ll be back.” He walked to the back of the cave and disappeared. The last devilment was chomped on by the wolf closest to me.

 “I will seal the cave.” I placed a magic web on each edge of the cave and pulled. The cave walls collapsed. The wolves helped me move the rock pile down into the tunnels on each side. It looked like a natural pile of rocks when we were done. I sealed it with a witches’ web that sank down into the ground. This cave would never be opened again by either side.  The magic shield that held us to the cave disappeared at first light. My wolf friends darted out into the woods. “Thank you, my friends.” I called to them. I heard short barks in answer.

I would have to leave this place.  The night of the Wolves would be history and mystery in this village. I folded the black blanket into a small square and stuffed it into a pack.  I threw the two packs over my shoulders.

I walked toward the nearest lake walking along its shores weaving the magic web I needed to step between worlds. I knew I would go to Isen first in one of those worlds. The web was complete when I came up on a tumbled set of huge rocks. I hung it the best I could between the tallest rocks. It glowed at me with power. One step and I would be in another world.

8 Internet Places I Use Regularly with Examples

These are eight internet sites or apps I use.  I bought several of them through business emails.  Most I found by poking around the internet and looking at ads that interested me on Facebook.  I am always looking for an easier way to get things done. Also, I want to be able to keep up with my blog and social media posts.

1.  Contentpilot-  This is a social media poster.  You can post to most of your social media all at once with this software.  I find it quite easy to use.  It allows me to keep up with my twitter and Instagram posting each day. This software costs money to purchase. I bought this cheap when it first came out.

Content Pilot Dashboard- Send All

2.   krowd- This gives you Pinterest ideas to use as a basis for your own posts to Pinterest.  It will post to Pinterest for you after you finish designing an original post.It is easy to use.  It was cheap when I bought it in beta stage.  This software does cost money to use.

I made this post using krowd

3. http ://  This is an educational site all about HTML.  I do not use HTML often, so a cheat site is great when I do need to use it.  There are practice pages where you can try out what you are learning.  Cost: Nothing but your time to learn something new.

One of the HTML Practice Pages. I did this site on it.

4.  A site to create ebooks and lead magnets.  This is easy to use.  It can be time consuming if you do not save your work as you create.  I have made several book magnets using this site.  It is free up to a point, then cost moneys to use the rest of the website. This is an ebook I made from posts here on this blog with designerr.

5.  A site that converts any type of document or PDF into other types of saved items you might need to use.  I frequently change PDFs to JPGs using this software. It is easy to use. It is free for two conversions a day, but costs money to have full use of all it has to offer.

This is a Word document I converted to a JPG. The conversion JPG file is below this one.

6.   Calibre Ebook Management – this app is free.  They will take donations. This software converts your PDFS and Word docs into mobi, epub and PDFS. This is easy to use. Directions are easy to follow. I used this to get my book magnets to run on Storyorigin.

Check out the book magnet to see the Calibre versions I used. (Did I just give a free ebook away?)

7.  A free and easy video maker.  Free to an extent unless you want the premium. It costs money per month. $12/month. It is easy to use. I have made several videos about a Facebook live in which I am participating.

This is a video I did for my site with this software.

Katherine E. Soto

8. A free word cloud generator. It has lots of shapes and ways to make a word cloud. It take paragraphs or words and places them into a word cloud shape for you to use on your own pages.

Word Cloud from my review of Child of Chaos by Glen Dahlgren

Try these sites out. These sites help me run my social media and blog Author Empire.

 (I do not receive any money from any of these sites for putting them on my blog. Nor do I guarantee pricing or working of any of these sites.)

Who is Katherine E. Soto

I am 57 years old as of 2020. It surprises me to be this old.

I am married for over 34 years. November 2020 is our 35th year. I love my husband and he loves me. We are a great team.

My birthday is on New Year’s Eve. Pretty much everyone celebrates my birthday. I have learned to announce it’s my birthday and not New Year’s for me until midnight.

I am a writer. If you have been following along you know I have a book in creative editing with a publisher. I have written four other books to go with the first. I am beginning the fifth book about my main character daughter and her relationships to dragons and her world. I also am working on a poetry book.

Why do I write? I have been writing since I was young. I wrote creative stories throughout school. I always enjoyed a writing assignment. In high school and throughout college I wrote poetry. I think I have over 300 poems written by 2020. I had an idea for my fantasy book series while I was taking a shower and began to write. The characters came to life in my mind.

I was a special education teacher as my career. I have taught all grades in some way K-12, either as substitute teacher, or as a special education teacher. I taught RSP- Resource Specialist classes for fifteen years in sixth grade. I loved teaching and I love the kids I taught. I am willing to help anyone who needs help with lesson plans and ideas for their classroom. I loved putting lessons together so they fit into a unit. I can find resources on the internet pretty quick, too. I retired from teaching in 2014 due to a disability.

I also like to paint and create things with color. I am working on Art Trading Cards to trade. They are 2.5 by 3.5 cards that have a piece of art work on them. It’s nice to get pieces of mail and surprises. I am beginning to paint my own pieces. The painting below is one of my own.

She Rises by Katherine E. Soto

Summer is over

Fall begins

with changing leaves

and a change in seasons

Cool weather settles in

the heat of the summer

will be fond memories


(A piece of flash fiction written by Katherine E. Soto)

At midnight, the cemetery gate opened silently on well-oiled wheels as Samantha Magem arrived for her night watch.  She met George, who was coming off the swing shift, at the guardhouse.  It was a tight fit for the two of them in the small guard house.

“Pretty quiet tonight, Samantha.  I’m glad to be getting off these grave shift hours. At least until you flee like rabbit, bored from our small-town life.”   George laughed at her surprised face.  “You know there’s a bet on how long you’ll stay. Close your mouth before a fly thinks you’re a fish.

“Is anyone going to do anything to me?”  she sputtered in surprise.  “I really need this job.”

“No one messes with the cemetery or its people. Respect goes with this job. I leave you the keys to the gates, the Mausoleum, and to the jeep.  Three things to remember at night in the dark.  First, watch where you walk.  Second, watch where you drive, third be respectful of the dead.  See you tomorrow at midnight, young lady.”

“Thanks, George.” Sam watched as he limped out the gates.  She settled into the small guard house by putting the keys onto her uniform belt loops, ready for her first patrol.  She placed the walking headlamp on her head and fit a small flashlight onto her belt.  Her first walk through the cemetery was next on the list George left her on a clipboard next to the logbook.

Sam left the guardhouse behind, leaving its cheery light.  She walked down a well-worn path stopping to listen and watch several times.  An entire mile around and through the Mule Head Town Cemetery lie ahead of her.  She started to kick a rock, then decided games in a cemetery were disrespectful.  The cemetery was beautiful even in the dark.  The old part had headstones, while the newer area had inset plaques.

The Mausoleum was beautiful inside.  Sam could see marble and ebony in a Grecian design. She would have to come to see it by daylight.  One more turn to look back down its darkened hallway, brought a breeze to her face. It felt like a kiss in the wind.  Sam said, “Thank you.”

Her walk ended back at the snug guard house. She logged her walk into the logbook on the desk and checked the time.  “Not a bad night’s work.” she thought as she sat down in the desk chair.  By the end of the night she had finished the three required walks, spent a little more time exploring the mausoleum, and the rest reading or writing.  A tap at the door startled her.  Tamarind HighBear’s face, the day guard, smiled into the window.

“I see you made it through night.”

“I did.  It was quiet.” She smiled as Tamara bustled into the guard house.

“Very tidy.  Lovely logbook.”  Tamara read her entries. “Go home, get some sleep.  George will be here to check you in at midnight. I’m glad to have someone doing the graveyard shift.”  She laughed at her own pun.  “See you tomorrow morning.”

Sam picked up her things and walked the few blocks to her apartment she rented over a garage.  Her friendly landlord waved a towel from her kitchen window.  She called Sam over to her door.  “Did you have a good night on the job?”


“Want some breakfast?”

“Mrs. Ortini, I told you…”

“Hush, young woman.  When you’re ready, come on over.  I have a quiche to share this morning.”

The first two weeks of cemetery watch were not unusual.  They started and ended with regularity.  Week three found her spending her dinner break outside the Mausoleum.  There was a comfortable place to sit outside on a bench.  It appeared in her logs as a schedule change. 

“Sam, you shouldn’t be spending time up at the mausoleum.  People say there are real spirits there.”

Sam did not even blink when she heard about spirits.  “But Tamara, there are spirits everywhere.”

“Be careful out there, please.”

“I’m careful especially with spirits around.”

Sam checked in with the cemetery watch committee at the town council in a private meeting a few weeks into the job.

 “You have a spirit in the Mausoleum, but nothing dangerous.  She’s the one that kisses in a breeze near the door.  A few spirits that just want to be left alone walk the cemetery grounds doing their penance. Including the cemetery on your Ghost walk adventure would be perfectly safe.”

“Thank you, Samantha.  You’ve been a great help.” One council member waived her report into the records.

“Did you know the Clover Building, this building, and the courthouse have ghosts?  I’ve listened to several stories of forest spirits being in the area.  I could develop a haunted walk of real ghosts in your town if you want one.  I am a paranormal investigator, after all.” Samantha said.

“We’ll take it under advisement.” The committee dismissed her from her paranormal investigator’s role with the town council. They wanted an exciting haunted walk for Halloween to bring tourists up into the northern town, not a small walk with lots of local color in it. 

She could still run one as part of her new business.  They let her to keep the job as Graveyard Watch and gave her a raise as promised.  They paid for her paranormal investigation of the cemetery.

She walked to her apartment where she shared a salad with her landlady for lunch. After lunch, she placed advertisements into the newspaper and on the bulletin boards around town.  It read: “Ghosts or Spirits got you nervous?  Call Sam Magem  ###-###-#### Paranormal Investigator.”  Another read: “Samantha -Handy Person, house cleaner. You need it done; I can do it.  ###-###-####.”  

Samantha stood down at one end of main street in the tiny town, squared her shoulders, determined to make this life work.  Trouble followed her from place to place. This sleepy little town seemed too sleepy and easy going for trouble to come looking for her here.

August 21st Newsletter Link

You can read my latest newsletter.

It has a short article about Book Magnets.

I share a piece of writing from Grey of Dharaven Book 1. This is a piece that did not make it into the book.

I share our Featured Author Theresa Halverson and her book Warehouse Dreams.

There is a plethora of books for you to find, buy, and read offered, along with a giveaway of books and reader magnets.

Update on my Writing Projects

Current Projects

Book one line edits have been turned in. I received my line edits from my editor. I corrected what she asked for, plus went through the entire book and made my own corrections and line edits. It takes time for t hings to be accomplished.

Book two manuscript and outline have been submitted. I submitted a query to my publisher for book 2. The asked for the manuscript and outline. It was sent in.

Books 3 and 4 are written and I am editing them. These two are my works in progress. Book 3 underwent an edit by me. Book four may get the ending rewritten. it got a little sappy.

Mystery book is on page 33. I have a Work in progress that is turning into a mystery. It takes place in future when walls have been established around NYC financial district. My character finds himself stuck behind the walls due to his employer. He wants to find a way out.

I have my poetry being typed up and put onto a thumb drive so I can work with it. I found a PA to help with the typing of the poetry, including the handwritten ones. I counted 250 poems not including the ones I have types on my computer. My plan is to put some of these poems into a poetry collection.

My shop has ebooks I have created in it. I continue to create these. Please see the shop and the ebooks I created. They are for sale at reasonable prices.

I am working on creative posters to sell or use as freebies. I continue to create new things when I use Canva and Designerr online. I have not gone pro on Canva yet. I don’t know if spending the extra money is worth the effort.

I write on two different blogs once a week. I continue to blog once a week to this blog and also to my blog– my life as a permanent dialysis patient. This week’s topic is about bringing positivity into your life.

I am posting to my platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook daily. Use the links above.

Creating New Worlds Newsletter has been written and is awaiting the 21st to go out. My newsletter goes out once month on the 21st. I pin a copy of the newsletter to my Twitter feed at . Check it out.

I produce some sort of art or journal piece at least once a week. I use paint and gesso and watercolors, as well as other things to make my own art and to take classes in art. My portraits are getting better.

She Rises by Katherine E. Soto

What are your projects you are working on?