What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone. People can upload photos or videos to our service and share them with their followers or with a select group of friends. They can also view, comment and like posts shared by their friends on Instagram. Anyone 13 and older can create an account by registering an email address and selecting a username.

My Instagram:

I have had difficulty putting my Instagram together. First I had to have pictures to use on it and then had to figure out how to post them to Instagram.

I use the program later and recently I found software called: Content Pilot. I have a lifetime subscription to it and got it at a reasonable price. It is easy to use and will allow you to make one post and post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I can post up to a few weeks at a time and automatically put the posts onto my sites. Makes it easier to rule my platform empire.

I discovered a checklist for Instagram. Here it is to download for free. Enjoy.

Remember building an author platform is about getting your name out there so people know who yu are when the book comes out. It’s about selling your book.

Blank Page Solutions for Writers

You face the bane of writers; a blank page staring you in the face.  Your toes curl; sweat drips off your brow; it seems the blank page laughs at you. The plethora of ideas you had in your brain a few minutes ago fled before the white page.

Never fear.  Blank page solutions are here.

Make sure your writing area has no distractions.  Get a good pen, pencil, or page to use.  Turn off your phone and your Facebook notifications.  Clear your mind and get ready to face the blank page in front of you.

“What are you going to write about?”

“How would I know?” you ask. “I had a lot of ideas in my head.”

  • Start with a free write.  Write down the words in your head for five minutes.  Set a timer.  Go.
  • Reread what you wrote in the free write.  Are there any ideas you like in it or have you cleared the gibberish from your mind onto the paper?
  • Find a writing prompt online. There are many sites for prompts online.  Some give a question to answer, words to use in a story, or a story prompt.  Find one you want to spend time writing about today.
  • Take a writing topics course on Udemy. Use their prompts and ideas to write.
  • Research a topic you want to learn more about.  Make notes about the topic. Put them in order and write a short article on the topic.  These make for great blog articles.
  • Use and make a poster on something you know about.
  • Read a nonfiction book and take notes from it.
  • Write a review on a book you have read.  Remember to sandwich your review.  Good stuff about the story, things that could be changed or made better, then good things again.  Write a brief blurb of what the book is about and add my opinion of the book.
  • Find an art piece you like online or in a book.  Write out your opinion on the piece of art.
  • Write a brief bio about yourself. Tell why you want to write.

If you are still stuck with the blank page after trying to do one or two of these writing ideas, put it away and try again tomorrow. 

Keep a notebook near during the day so you can write down ideas that come to you.

Use these ideas to start your writing for the day. It will help turn the Blank Page Problem into a Blank Page Solution.

Saturday Soup- A Round-up of my Life

Writing- I went through book 2 this week. I like it. I think it shows growth in my MC and it gives her a background and something to do at the end of it. It’s a nice seg way into book 3 which I have not started writing yet. Book 3 will take the MC off into the mists. She will also do some training. I have ideas written down and it is cooking with my muse.

Well Being- I spent 100 dollars on a one dose med the other day. My doctor said I have resistant bacteria and wanted to whack it with something hard. I was put on a new med to try to help with the all over body pain. It helps everything but the sciatica and the shoulders. I feel better and can do things around the house with a little whining and groaning. Getting in and out of the car is interesting.

Book Reading: I bought Mercedes Lackey new books that are out and read them already. Good reading. I like her books. I also have Terry Goodkind’s new book in the Nicci Chronicles and his third Novella. I wait impatiently for his stuff.

I am up for Beta reading for anyone looking for a free beta reader.

Pets- We took the dog to the vet for a drop off check up. She did not want to leave me and when we picked her up she whined at us all the way home. Silly pooch. Our cat takes over the dog’s bed at night. I think it is his way at getting back at her for kissing at him in the mornings.

So there is a look at life around my house. I see adventure ahead!

Grey Dawn of Dharaven Book 2 Update

I have done edit one by doing a reread and done small corrections, now to finish the outline and chapter labels. I need to also do chapter headings and labels for book 1 I added two chapters to it. I think I have a better book in 2 but book 1 is turning into a good read.

Grey Dawn of Dharaven Book 1 Update

I have turned in the first beta edit for the book as of today. I worked it over and rewrote parts of it according to what was wanted. I think it is a better book overall. Now I wait to see what they want next and start to edit Book 2 which has patiently been waiting on the sidelines.

December Thoughts:

December is my birthday month.  I celebrate all month long.  It’s a brilliant idea.  Every time I have a treat, I wish myself a happy birthday.  I also check how old I will be.  What a shock that is!  I am not telling it here.  Good things seem to happen during this month.

Please remember people with birthdays in December do not want their birthday and Christmas crammed together. Gifts should be separate. After all you get your birthday and Christmas. Do two gifts- one birthday and one Christmas present.

.I finished writing my second book about Grey Dawn Cloudstorm.  In this book she takes a Study Expedition into the Clan on Aven.  She discovers more about herself and her family in this book. I will do several edits on it. 

The first book is in creative editing- Beta Readers with the publishing company.  I await more work to come on it

Hints and Tips for surviving the holidays:

Trinket is dressed up for the Holidays.

Do what you can.  You don’t have to do everything.

Remember to ask for help when you need it. 

Hang up the phones and the computers for a while.  Go do something different.

Sometimes the dust and stuff have to be ignored while you accomplish other things. No guilt about it!

Art and writing- creativity is proving to be something that should be done regularly.  It helps to center oneself.  It is about “Flow” and getting into it.  It relaxes the body and energizes the mind. 

Sometimes what other people do for you is okay even though it is not the way you would have done it.

Online buying of gifts is a great way to save time and stress on your body.

Above all, take time to enjoy the Season.

Friday Favorites November 30, 2019

Books: I am currently reading A Circle of Stars by Anna Lee Waldo She tells the story of the man who led Druids to America before Christopher Columbus.

Writing Book: Writing Fiction Step by Step by Josip Novakovich The writer has small chapters with practice prompts for helping you to learn how to write fiction. It will take time to read this book and do the exercises.

Food: Tesco’s Finest Swiss Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almonds. This is mostly sold in European countries. I have an in with an Irish friend who sends me dark chocolate. Amazon might have it. It is good solid dark chocolate bar. The orange is tasty and not obnoxious at all

Food in my area: Taco Joe’s on Riverside Ave and the Ten Freeway. Get the burrito bowl with either chicken or beef. It is tasty and filling.

Art: Willowing Arts Take a look at this art site. Many interesting courses, plus Life book2020. A fairly inexpensive class that will take place throughout the year with art projects and chats with artists.

Friday Favorites (On Saturday) 11-9

This week my favorites are:

Reading: Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff- a book on bringing happiness into your life. I also read Terry Goodkind’s novella WastelandThe Children of D’Hara Bk 3.

Food: A chicken panini at Traxx in Union Station Los Angeles. It is a crispy little wonder of chicken and greens. Ask for mustard and this sandwich turns even better.

Celebrating 75 years of bring water to Southern California 2016

Interesting Things: If you want to learn about the history of how water comes to California and the Colorado River Aqueduct, look up the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) As far back as 1923, people realized water would become an issue for Southern California. THE MWD was started with a coalition of 13 cities in 1941. I am proud to be related to Henry J. Mills, one of the General managers of the MWD in the 1970s.

MWD Building Downtown L.A.

Writing- I am very close to finishing my 1st draft of my second book. The first book is still in creative editing/beta reading with the publisher. I await more work from them any day now.

Check out the 2020 Lifebook through Willowing Arts. She offers art projects throughout the year. You can sign up with a 20% discount here

These are just a few of my favorite things this week. I see adventure ahead.

First Idea for my first novel

Where did the idea for your novel come to you?

The idea for Grey Dawn of Dharaven-Katz Island came to me one morning when I was taking a shower. It developed in my head overnight and my muse kept hounding me. I had to sit down and write out her story. It took me three months to write the first draft and three to edit it three times.

The pitmad entry that led a publisher to like it.

NATIONAL TREASURE An ancient map leads photographic archaeologist Grey into the wilds of planet Dharaven. On the expedition she finds adventures exploring for an early human settlement. It could be career ending or lead to a priceless find. #PITMAD#YA#A#AD#F

I am now awaiting creative editing on the first book. Currently almost halfway through writing the second book in the series with the third book idea percolating in the back of my mind.

I need to make business cards with my two blogs on them and cards. That way my name gets out there as well as the sites names.