Some Notes on Writing

  1. Idea Development- Who and what do they do?
  2. Grow and build your world where the story will take place. Make notes. Use a scif/fantasy world builder.  D and D books will help, too.
  3. Story Development  What is the story line for your character and how do they interact in the world.
  4. Write a mini story that goes into the big story.  Maybe a preview of their life before your book starts, or something at the end. ‘
  5. Develop the full novel.  Take everything your prepared and sit in the chair and write the novel. 

Favorite Fridays

A few things I found I liked in Las Vegas. (I know what happens in Las Vagas stays in Las VEgas, but few things were so much fun!)

Picture by Lena Mulligan

Favorite food this week: Lambchops at VooDoo Steak

Address: Rio Hotel, 3700 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV  89103  

My friend said their Banana bomb is the best dessert she ever ate.  She almost licked the plate clean.

Fun- The Chippendales Show and Penn and Teller at the Rio Hotel

The Chippendales dancers are amazing and give a good show.

Penn and Teller have an amazing show with lots of audience participation and up-close magic.  They even make an elephant disappear. 

Fremont Street

Art- Go see the art made on Fremont Street in Las Vegas.  Some of the stores can be considered art galleries.  The art on the street is amazing.  A corn stalk artist will build a heart for you or a cross or roses for a price.  There painters who work in sprays paint and spinners. They will create art pieces in front of you that can be bought.  Look in the Vegas tourist books for the art galleries in the hotels and shopping areas.

Writing: This week I considered my personal mission statements.  I have 3.

  1. I am a writer currently working on becoming a novel author of 2 sci fi fantasy novels.
  2. I am a dialysis advocate working with long term dialysis patients through my blog and communities of dialysis patients.
  3. I am an artist. I am working on one project a week.

Reading:  Clive Cussler’s  Shadow Tyrants  Once again the world is saved from a group of underground rich men by the Oregon Team.  Good to see additions of strong woman characters in his books.  They do not do much in this book but are there when needed.

Here I come

“You didn’t! Grey, we always have these discussions. Please don’t make these kinds of statements to news people. They blow it all out of proportion.”  Dean H. Pg 9 ( A quote from my book.)

My character Grey Dawn in my book is much the same way. She is going to prove herself in spite of no one believing in her findings and research. Her attitude is: Scared or not here I come.

I am hoping eventually to get to this stage in my book process: where something I say can get blown out of proportion. I look forward to it and am scared by the thought. I keep writing and being in the process.

Grey Dawn of Dharaven- Katz Island is in the creative editing stage with a publisher.

Choices and Priority

You can’t do it all.

Make your choices for the best each day and own each one. You can’t hide in a closet, even if you wanted to. If you have kids they will find you. Take a deep breath, take a few deep breaths, find a picture that takes you away, take a few minutes for you. Then make a choice and go got ’em Tiger.

See the waves move and breath deeply.

The word priorities did not exist until we made it a word out of priority.

It used to be one priority was worked on at a time not a whole bunch of things at once all calling for your attention. A lot of research and books are being written about silencing the social media during your work time and giving even the email a lock for the time you are working on our main project.

So what is your first priority for your work project tomorrow?
What is your second priority tomorrow for work or projects?

If you prioritize your precious hours at work for your projects and only do social media af few times a day, you may have more work time.

Try it. Can’t hurt anything.

Keep your priority straight!


I submitted my novel to RhetAskew Publishing on June 13, 2019. I finally titled it Grey Dawn of Dharaven- Katz Island

Now I wait.

I also submitted poetry to:
6/4/2019 Burningword Literary Journal, a quarterly international publisher, is seeking short fiction, short nonfiction, poetry, and photography/digital art. 4 poems submitted 3.00 Turned down

6/4/2019 The Bangalore Review seeks literary fiction, creative nonfiction, reviews, criticism, poetry, and art for online publication. Lost in my thoughts submitted. 3.00

Published Story in Short Fiction Break

I entered a contest on The Writing Practice contest this event.

They publish on a website named Short Fiction Break.

Even if it is an “everyone who enters is published” run, the site wanted writers to be critiqued and to rewrite the piece at least one time.  Mine was rewritten and fiddled with through six drafts.

Here is Tattoo Artist by Katherine E Soto

Katherine E Soto- Author Introduction/Welcome

“A writer is defined as someone who writes, while an author is someone who is published.” I am an author with two poems and a blog article published. I know I sound too big for my growing author wings, but I am pleased to see my work in the world.

So, down to business. This page will hold my hopes and dreams. No, seriously, this page will show my personal journey as a writer.

I will keep lists of books I read, along with their notes.

I will list communities I belong to, so you can join them, too.

I will share some my own poetry. This is my favorite genre of writing. I love free form poetry in all its glory. I have been writing it since high school.

I will share links to sites I find helpful to me as a writer.

I might share some of my short stories so you can see where my mind takes me. It is a weird and wonderful life to be a writer.

I might even excerpt from the book I am writing. I have 10,000 words written since February 27, 2019. Today is March 2, 2019. I am going to track my word count here, too.

My failures will be visited too, but that is a good thing. Failures create learning opportunities.

Most important- I will list my publications and where to find them.

My education background is:

I earned a BA degree in Anthropology from Cal Sate University- San Bernadino.

I earned three teaching credentials: A multiple subjects credential, a specialist for the severely handicapped credential, and a Resource Specialist credential. I am currently still certified, even though I am now on disability retirement. My resume will be posted soon as a page to this blog.

If you are an editor in need of a writer who can research and develop an article on a health topic or on dialysis please contact me.

If you want to see a new author grow her wings in the field of writing and maybe discover a new author before she publishes her first book, come along with me. Experience my world as a Writer/Author.

I See Adventure Ahead!

My email:

Facebook: (I am currently setting it up)

I have Twitter but it is not in use yet.

My other blog: My life as a permanent Dialysis Patient Some of my blogs from that site will appear here, too. After awhile on writing blogs will be on this site.