Grey Dawn of Dharaven Katz Island

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Earth Dragon Clan born archaeologist Grey Fields leads to an expedition into the wilds of Katz Island looking for a human underground settlement.  The troubles begin before they are even on the island. Government officials cut down her team, leaving a few to begin the archaeology work in a huge area that needs to be ground searched. On the island, rocks that look identical are discovered across the first valley they explore. A huge, too friendly snake interferes with the team. They find a skeletal hand in a mixed up rock cairn. Thieves show up to steal their sleds, their only way back to civilization. Grey solves these and many more problems on her adventure on Katz Island. Her one burning quest through it all is to find the human underground settlement her map shows is there.

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About the Author Katherine E. Soto

I am a fantasy writer. I was born and raised in Southern California. I attended college and earned a BA degree in Anthropology. I had a busy professional life as a special education teacher. until 2013, when I retired. A few years later I decided to focus on my love for writing.

My first writings in high school were free-form poetry, although there are fond memories of creative stories written for my grandmother. I enjoy composing short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and sci-fi/fantasy novels. I claim my writing muse is a dragon who rampages in my mind until I sit down and start creating. I have written a sci-fi/fantasy fiction novel, with a series in mind. 

I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy books, creating art journals, and antiquing.  I earned 10 Year and 15 Year Employee Recognition Awards at my school district when I was teaching. I was proud to receive a Competent Toastmaster Award.

Despite having kidney disease since the age of two and being on dialysis since 1998, I know that there is no such thing as impossible. In addition to my books, I also write articles on my own blog for dialysis patients who go through the same struggle as I do, so they can dialyze to live, not live to dialyze. I can be contacted about this subject website at

In the real world away from writing I dote on my granddaughter and spend time with my adult children. I am still in love with the same man I married those many years ago. At home I live with my husband, a Cardigan corgi mix dog, and two orange cats.

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