Katherine E. Soto Resume

Katherine E. Soto


website: http://www. katherineesoto-author.com

Professional Experience

Special Education Teaching

Utilize special education laws to prepare IEPs and curriculum in the special education classroom.

Planned and implemented curriculum for learning handicapped students in language arts and math classes according to state guidelines and standards.

Planned and implemented curriculum for severely handicapped students.

Completed assessments on special education students using non traditional and traditional standardized testing.

Wrote educational assessments on students.

Held IEPs and completed all paperwork necessary for special education students in a timely manner.

Identified student needs, wrote appropriate IEP goals and objectives, and implemented those goals into classroom setting.

Planned and use behavior plans to assist students in changing and monitoring behaviors.

Use computer equipment effectively within a classroom environment.

Classroom Teaching

Instructed students in all curricular areas.

Coordinated regular classroom schedule to meet instructional and students needs.

Developed schedules to coordinate with inclusion program between regular education teachers and special education teachers and aides; as well as special education students.

Encouraged better behavior from students through behavior modification techniques, assertive discipline models, and rewards.

Kept accurate records of student academic performance in classroom.

Communicated with parents on a regular basis through monthly newsletters and through as needed reports.


Developed curriculum plans and thematic units for use in regular education and special education classrooms.

Planned regular community training outings for severely handicapped students.

Work Experience

Retired December 2013

Resource Specialist

Fontana Middle School

Fontana Unified School District

January 1999-2013

Teacher of the Severely Profoundly Handicapped

Birch High School

Fontana Unified School District

September1997-January 1999

Teacher of the Severely Handicapped

Sequoia Middle School

Fontana Unified School District

November 1995-September 1997

Teacher of the Severely Emotionally Disturbed

Advocate Schools (Nonpublic School)


Substitute Teacher- Long Term Resource Specialist

Del Vallejo Middle School

San Bernardino Unified School District


Substitute Teacher

San Bernardino Unified School District


Student Teaching

Chapman University


Resource Specialist

Colton Unified School District


Student Teaching

California State University- San Bernardino


Chapman University Victorville Campus 1991


Resource Specialist Credential

University of California – Riverside

September 2000

Severely Handicapped Credential

Chapman University-June 1998

California Multiple Subjects Clear Credential

Chapman University- December 1991

Bachelor of Arts- Anthropology

California State University- San Bernardino

March 1985

Hadley School for the Blind

Parenting/Child Development courses


Volunteer Work


Site moderator-2006-2014

Administrator 2014 to present

Special Recognition

Competent Toastmaster Award

September 2006

Club 8612- Rialto, CA

10 Year Employee Recognition

Fontana Unified School District


15 Year Employee Recognition

Fontana Unified School District


Published Works

Ode to Me” by Katherine Soto, The Colors of Life– The International Library of Poetry, A Compilation, Howard Ely, Publisher, 2003, Pg 1.

The Renal Diet Poem”  by Kitkatz (An online name )Pac Notes– End Stage Renal Disease Network of New York, Spring/Summer 2012, Pg.6.

RSNhope.org/blog article “Thriving on Dialysis,”  February 2019.

Interview: Patient Advocate Spotlight: Katherine Soto, April 18, 2019.

Dialysis Article: Nesting at Dialysis published in RSNhope.org blog, June 19, 2019.

Short Story: https://shortfictionbreak.com/tattoo-artist/ published on Short Fiction Break, July 2019.


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