My Publications

Byline: 42 Subs_Escape_KESĀ  Accepted 9/1/2019 This is a book they are putting together that requires following specific instructions. My short 42 word story was accepted.

Dialysis Article: Nesting at Dialysis published in blog, June 19, 2019. Why nest at dialysis? So you as the patient can be more comfortable and have the things you need with you.

Short Story: on Short Fiction Break, July 2019.

Interview: Patient Advocate Spotlight: Katherine Soto,  Chronic Disease Coalition, April 18, 2019. I was featured on their website.

Dialysis Article: Thriving While on Dialysis, published in blog, February 2019. I interviewed myself as a dialysis patient of over twenty years.

Fan Fiction Poetry: “Those Eyes”, Mercedes Lackey Fanzine Golden Grove, Volume 4, Issue 2, pg 4-8, April 2019. This is a poem I wrote based on a story Mercedes Lackey wrote.

Poetry: “The Renal Patient Diet Poem,” PAC Notes End Stage Renal Disease Network of New York, Spring/Summer 2012, A Newsletter for patients as consumers, Pg. 6. I wrote an amusing poem about the strict renal diet.

Poetry: “Ode to Me,” in The Colors of Life, published by The International Library of Poetry, Howard Ely, Editor, c.2003. Pg 1. A short poem I wrote and won a place in this book of poetry.